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Celebrating​ Nollywood, Icons & Rising Stars, Moët Film Gala

Celebrating​ Nollywood, Icons & Rising Stars, Moët Film Gala

Moët & Chandon has long since enjoyed a special relationship with the big screen,​ since the early days of Hollywood, supporting several hundred films since the 1930s, ranging from small productions to international luku blockbusters and several iconic films, so much so, it is regarded as the “champagne​ of cinema”.​

With countless film cameos and its ubiquitous presence during the global award season – from the Academy Awards to 25 years at the Golden Globes, this year Moët & Chandon celebrates its 90th year in cinema.


In the same way legendary film directors preserve timeless moments on film, Moët Chandon continues to showcase its legendary love affair with the magic of movies. It is this passion for the global film industry that led to the birth of the annual Moët Film Gala, an event that hosts the most prestigious names within the Nigerian film industry to a spectacular evening, complete with all the intricate nuances that make for a memorable outing. It is a mandate that is expected of Moët Chandon and one it well exceeds.

The second edition of the Moët Film Gala taking place on the 2nd​ of February, 2020 will be no different, the “champagne​ of cinema” will host stars to a night of arts, glamour and exquisite dining. With over 2000 glasses of Moët & Chandon to be paired with a six-course dinner specially curated by the reputable Chef Daniel Olurin, there will be countless Moët Moments to adorn the occasion.

Conceptualizing this first​-of-its-kind film event in Nigeria was a natural extension of the brands efforts, considering it had cemented its place as the exclusive champagne of celebration for illustrious film award ceremonies all over the world.

However, the Moët Film Gala is beyond glamour, rooted in its core, is to consciously push the narrative that Nollywood is thriving, that it is an industry that should be supported and celebrated. In an industry contending with developmental challenges, such as, limited platforms dedicated to spotlight Nollywood, the Moët Film Gala is a welcome and needed addition. Launched in 2019, the Moët Film Gala celebrates the ever-blooming Nigerian film industry, and its stakeholders. In addition, the platform showcases a film genre that is often sidelined – Short Films, through an open submission process, that is followed by selection by industry experts and finally a grand reveal at the Moët Film Gala with the shortlisted short films taking centre stage for all to watch.

Received with great enthusiasm, the first edition of the Moët​ Film Gala was a huge success, and this year Moët​ & Chandon has​ plans to elevate the experience with Silverbird Distribution joining the platform as content collaborators. The 2020 Moët Film Gala will​ focus on the last decade. Exploring “Iconic” as this year’s theme, the platform will pay homage to the top moments from the decade; game changers and their devotion to the craft.

This brings us to our cover personalities, our icons and rising stars who have all played an active role in the growth of the Nollywood industry in the last decade and beyond. We feature pioneers, who brought prestige to the craft, and paved the way for the next generation of rising stars to embrace their talent with pride. These individuals are dedicated, meticulous, and fervent in their desire to take the industry to the next level. Most importantly, they have been integral in telling our stories in the most authentic ways, in crafting and owning our narrative within the global film industry, where Nollywood continues its steady rise to undisputed prominence.

AY Makun

Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer & Director

What would you consider an iconic moment in the last decade?

I am a product of grace, and this last decade has been especially exciting with our film ventures. Making the Guiness Book of Records for ‘30 Days in Atlanta’ was definitely iconic, especially considering it was the first time ever for the Nigerian film industry.

Dakore Egbuson – Akande

Actor, Singer & Humanitarian

Nollywood has experienced a type of resurgence and you are at the forefront of that, how does it feel?

It feels amazing to be at the forefront of the industry’s resurgence which I like to call a renaissance period as well in the sense that about 25 years ago our own art wasn’t consumed by us. We were very westernized and looking to the west for inspiration, for what was hot, what was new. To see a transformation of that where we are consuming our own content, driving our content and leading the continent is very validating and humbling.

Daniel Etim Effiong

Actor, Filmmaker

The Moet Film Gala is on February 2nd and since it is a turn of the decade, we are celebrating iconic moments as well as icons Celebrating Nollywood, Icons & Rising Stars, Moët Film Gala in Nollywood. In your opinion what has been the most iconic thing that has happened in the last decade?

I think the most iconic thing to happen in the last 10 years is the fact that we are retelling old stories, for example, the remake of “Living in Bondage” was breathtaking and iconic. It has inspired filmmakers to explore other story remakes, which is phenomenal and it is what the industry needs. We have so many powerful stories and with the growth in technology there are better ways to tell these stories, it is a win win for everyone…

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