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Muse Of The Week: Ba Ru Wa

When I first caught sight of him, he was the perfect artistic figure; “dada hair”, white polo shirt on blue jeans, with these rock star like footwear. Baruwa is a shy, reserved, and soft spoken person. We were able to get him to explain some of his paintings to us which we found to be quite extraordinary! Every painting of his, carries a story that is identifiable to the African traditional community.

This painting is called So re sa pronounced as “Sho ray sha” meaning always be kind no matter what. It tells about a Yoruba folktale of a good man who never gave up on his goodwill nor extending kindness whenever he could even though people never appreciated him or treated him badly. One day, the King in his village falls sick and according to African Traditional Religion (ATR) some sacrifices needed to be made, and some of the items required to kick start the process was almost impossible to get. No one but this Man was willing to take the plunge because it was a very risky mission.

As every good story ends, he fulfilled the mission, made his King well, and was greatly rewarded by the now healthy King.

The morale of this story is that it pays to show kindness and be good to others. Have you shown kindness and compassion to someone today? You still have a chance. We also have a video on YouTube of him explaining one of his paintings.


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