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Defining Your Relationship With “What Are We”?

What Are We?

Depending on how you think of your relationship with another, asking this question will either encourage them to come clean with their intentions for your relationship or avoid you completely.

However, no matter how difficult it is, questions like this need to be asked so that there is no misunderstanding of intentions.


Do you remember the number of times you interrupted someone or changed the topic of conversation because you were clearly not interested in it? When you bring up a sensitive topic and your partner changes it, they are either not interested or not ready to commit. When a partner is serious and wants to commit, they don’t need anyone to tell them when the time is right. More often than not, they will initiate questions about “us”.

If they don’t say anything when asked this question, there are two broad reasons for this. It is either that they have never thought of it before–don’t blame them yet; people process things differently–or they are still counting their time to know if they want to commit to you forever.

This is why it is not emotionally healthy to sleep with someone from the beginning of your relationship. Sex is an intimate act that tends to cause attachments that can often be mistaken for feelings.

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