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Depression 101: Ways To Ease of Depression

Depression 101: Ways To Ease of Depression

It is without a doubt that with the sporadic rate of depression in a fractured world, many are then left bleak. Most recently with the pandemic and pandemonium around the world, this is even more glaring.


Depression is estimated to affect 350 million people in all age groups and is significantly different from being sad. Consider that it drives people to such lengths as having suicidal thoughts and perpetrating unspeakable things. Depression is a progressive mood disorder that affects an individual’s health and quality of life.

What causes depression you might ask? One certain thing is that it is not of a single cause thus varying factors such as genetic, biological, environmental all pile up to give the sense of loss that is commonly associated with depression or feeling alone though having company.
However faced with challenges, many take strides to live life one step at a time in the constant brewing disorder around us.

The theory of pleasure principle by Sigmund Freud is zoomed in on when looking at depression, as it somewhat hints at man and his death drive which is like a state of malfunctioning of the human mind.

Depression is such that has an individual in a bubble of an emotional roller coaster. In an attempt to shoot off from such demeanour, here are some vital ways to ease depression, being aware that not all persons/individual have the emotional capacity to handle life and its upheavals.

First, take an active role in your healing process by taking charge of your treatment. Studies have shown that physical activities are a sure way to curb depression as these activities surge the production of endorphins. Have a routine that involves exercises to get the “feel-good” feeling running. Try out new forms of exercises/physical activities and mindfulness-based physical activities like yoga.

Though with depression staying active is a hassle so the second aspect to consider is “say no to no”. Giving up is not an option, so push as much as you can. Be open to new perspectives and though depression makes one feel hopeless and that getting better is impossible, this is only as a result of the condition. Keep striving within the storm till there is a breakthrough.

Being overwhelmed by a task is a trigger for some depressed individuals so here is how you go about this. Simply ask for help when swarmed up with work or have a routine that nicely sees to clearing up your to-do list.
Whilst it is easy to gradually withdraw from people and events, therefore becoming socially awkward, that is one No-No.

Another way to ease off depression is to keep yourself in the company of loved ones and friends. Avoid moments of solitude that makes your mind wallow in wonder, and concoct absurd thoughts that could be detrimental to healing. Counter these symptoms by having a social support system and by talking /speaking up about your challenges. A problem shared they say is half solved, find the right confidant or better still get professional help.

Another possible way to ease depression is, to know the history of depression in your family. Being aware gets you prepared and giving a hint of what to expect and how to even keep depression in check and at bay. Research shows that someone with a family history of depression has two or three times greater risk of developing depression, hence getting ready like a Sumo fighter will do you a whole lot of good.

With depression, healing is a journey and not a destination. Regardless of science to solve the “rocket science” of depression, a fulfilled and happy life is highly possible.

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