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DIY: How To Make Liquid Soap From Soap Bars

Everybody will like to use up their money’s worth although having pieces of unused soap bars are inevitable. There is still a tiny piece left to discard no matter how economical people are. The good news is there is a way to put them to use. These discarded soap bars can be turned into liquid soap and no piece will be lost.

Use the same purpose soap to make liquid soap that you desire.
Make a facial liquid soap for your face, make liquid soap from bath soap and make customised liquid soap using unscented soap.


Homemade liquid hand soap. Photo: Crafts Unleashed

  • Grate the soap, add a cup of boiled water and blend.
  • The liquid soap leaves residues on the blender that is difficult to clean so use an alternative method to achieve the same result.
  • Alternatively, use a stove, boil water and add the flakes. Let the mixture set.
  • Or using a microwave, heat the water with a bowl, add the soap flakes, place back in the microwave and heat for a minute.

Customise the liquid soap by adding glycerin or honey as a moisturiser.
To make it a natural antibacterial add lavender essential oils.
To change the colour if you desire, add food colour that does not have adverse reactions to the skin.

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