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Do Women Also Cheat?

A woman answers a call oblivious of her partner | Image: Shutterstock

Affirmative, women are human beings as well and so prone to cheating like other human beings on planet earth. This comes from a backdrop of societal expectations that more or less renders women on an unrealistic pedestal. But guess what? They are not alien enough to be kicked out of the cheating pool. Women are perceived to be like subservient doves capable of no harm simply because of the outward appearance and approach to everything in a delicate manner.

Sorry, but looking past stereotypes and bursting your bubbles, the same way men cheat is equally the same way women are human enough to cheat. There is a difference here in the dynamics and reason why women and men cheat; somewhat different motivations as men do. Where men are seeking more sex and attention women are looking to fill an emotional hollowness.

Based on research, 10 to 20 of men and women in marriages and committed relationships will keenly participate in sexual activity outside their prime relationships.


For women, they seem to cheat where they lack strong emotional connection with their partner and here are a few reasons that instigate this manner.

Have you heard the saying that “loneliness is always looking for a friend”? Well, there you have it. When the spark and sex are gone for most women, this inevitably leads to finding company and a little bit of romance. A woman begins to lust for attention and affection elsewhere. Hey!!! If an assessment of your relationship is lacking in the said, I suggest inducing that companionship with a dose of TLC (total loving care).

A woman’s desire to have an affair is beyond sex rather more of connection to fill up a constant growing void, but there are those also who have affairs for just the sex. Here, “routine” becomes a killer where the sex is boring evolving to a point of technical and obligated sex. Sex up your marriage.

They say a prophet is not known in his hometown and that is the case of under-appreciation that a woman begins to feel. That feeling of being a maid or in a fancy way nanny or financial benefactor sure takes the spark away from feeling like the wife or better still girlfriend. This makes them seek validation from a lurking charmer.

Another major reason for a cheating wife is that she uses another partner to rescue her from a bad marriage.

Women are most likely to cheat at times of vulnerability in her life, times like the loss of a job, or periods children begin to grow and go off to school.

The joys of motherhood are assuring but then comes the dramatic change in a woman’s body leaving her overweight and a shadow of herself. The feeling of disillusionment which brings about low self-esteem has her feeling undesirable, perhaps leaving her vulnerable to the minute display of affection from another male. What seems harmless thus blossoms into a bleeding rose.

When there are problems in a marriage unknown to many, this becomes a nonverbal communication to each other to go out and become rogue because both parties are not in a good place being pivotal to start seeking solace in places they should not.

One reason that tops the notch of a woman gone rogue, is tying the nuptial nut for the wrong reasons. Having shrouded herself with the happenings in the lives of others and what society has supposedly dictated, she is thus entangled in a web and sorts a better mate to lull the raging storm of her life.

Sometimes, women cheat to break free from a marriage that makes them feel locked in, therefore acting out to end a marriage or relationship. Research shows that women usually request divorce than man and are happier than men after the divorce. So for women who do not have the courage to ask for a divorce, cheating becomes their escape route for sanity.

Therefore, cheating is not designed for certain people based on gender, age or other modification. And presently the gender gap is closing up, having women and men approximately cheat at the same rate, strongly reflecting the changing times and growing impact in aged institutions.

There are telltale signs to a cheating spouse, and women too dabble into infidelity as much as their male counterparts so that the fairy tale idea of an ever-faithful wife should be revised.

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