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Syphilis! The Origin Of Wigs

Do you know wigs were originally used to disguise balding resulting from syphilis? Did you also know that in the 1580s being bald was as shameful as having a witch in the family?

Originally made from horsetail, goat hair, buffalo hair and even feathers, one can only imagine how far wigs have evolved. Over time, wigs have become a fashion statement, especially for women and a preferred option to (direct) weaves or braids.

Miz Wanneka

With the evolution of wigs, women can achieve more natural looks. Wigs are trendy mostly because of the option of yanking it off at the slightest discomfort.

Here are the wigs trending now:

Synthetic fibre and Human hair weave wigs

The first thing you need to know is, weave wigs come in two types: Synthetic fibre and Human hair. Synthetic wigs do not last long, and they never look good, so let’s not waste a breath on that. The frontals and closure that human hair wigs have, give it a natural look and no matter where you part the hair, it looks like it is coming out of your hair follicles. the biggest score point is the ability to swim with your wigs., They also vary in length, density, colour and style. The average cost for a human hair wig is N50,000.

Braided wigs (braids twist and locks)

Eniola Ajao in blonde braided wig

When you think of the hours spent in braiding your hair, coupled with the pain, braided wigs are a welcome development. Braid wigs were frowned at in Nigerian markets as the originally introduced styles looked artificial but thanks to the innovation in frontals and closures, braided wigs now look as natural as it can get. Also, braided wigs are easy to maintain. A shampoo and a moisturising oil will do the trick. You can get a good one for as low as N20,000.

Ghana weaving

For people with soft scalps, doing a Ghana weave hairstyle can be life-threatening (not literally) so Ghana weave wigs are a complete relief and you never have to worry about long hours at the salon. More so, it comes in different styles.

This wig mostly comes with monofilament lace front that takes on the colour of the scalp and it looks like the hair is woven straight from the scalp. You can get a good one for N30,000.

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