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Does Your Partner Have These Qualities? (Quiz)

Choosing a partner can be tough. How do you know you are not making a mistake? Are they right for you? In a relationship, it is vital that you are looking for the right signs in a partner.

Honestly ask yourself if your partner has the qualities listed below, ticking “Yes” or “No” as you go.


  1. Does your partner have a genuine interest in your life and can you talk to them about anything?


  1. Are your secrets are safe with them even if you get into an argument?


  1. Do they show up or call when they say they will?


  1. Does your partner take responsibility for their words and actions, regardless of the repercussions?


  1. Money makes the world go round. Do you hold the same views as your partner on money and place the same value as them on it?


  1. Every couple will have arguments from time to time. Do you resolve conflicts with your partner amicably?


  1. Your family has your back more than anyone else does, so they can sniff out a bad partner from a mile away. Does your family like them and think they are a good fit for you?


  1. Are you comfortable enough around your partner to say that you are good friends?


Calculate how many positive and negative answers you have to this question. Only the “Yes” answers count in this quiz.

Above four

If your partner possesses four of these qualities and above, then they are right for you. You should grow with them, but keep it in mind that there is always room for improvement.

Below four

If you have below four positive answers, your partner may need to put in more effort to keep the relationship. Or it may be time to move on.

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