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Drama As Presenter Quarrels With Beauty Queen On Live TV

L-R- Joan Lule Nakintu and Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande.

L-R- Joan Lule Nakintu and Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande.

Viewers got a bit more than they bargained for when a Ugandan TV presenter Joan Lule Nakintu got into a heated argument with Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande.

The verbal altercation started when Oliver refused to answer a question asked by Joan and a heated exchanged ensued.


The drama happened on the show “The Cocktail” hosted by Joan. Joan who is the reigning Miss Uganda was a guest on the show to discuss women empowerment and her experience running for Miss World.

Oliver found it offensive when Joan asked:

“By the way, you lost, how did that make you feel?”

Oliver calmly pointed out that it was rude and unprofessional to have the question structured in that manner. She said:

“I did not lose. Why would you say that? I didn’t lose. Nobody lost. I am the first-ever top model that Uganda has ever had in Miss World. I am really offended.”

She added:

“I hold a Diploma in Journalism and you should never ask a person ‘You lost, how do you feel about that?’ That’s a very rude question.”

Joan tried to defend her question and said it was up to Oliver to explain that she did not lose. Gesticulating, she began to shout at Oliver as she tried to explain her question.

The show was forced to go on a break with the media personality continuing to explain herself. After the break, Oliver asked for an apology from Joan and she declined.

oan Lule Nakintu and Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande

oan Lule Nakintu and Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande | SDE

Joan has since been on the receiving end of backlash for her “unprofessional display”

Ugandans took to social media to condemn Joan while Oliver thanked everyone for their support. Oliver wrote:

“Dear Friends, Thank you for your massive love and support! I’ve received hundreds of thousands of messages, hence my inability to thank you all individually. Just know I am really touched and honoured by your generosity!

“Let’s support each other and build unbreakable empires – As the old African adage goes, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Stay safe! For God and my country.”

Joan on her part took to social media to try and justify herself. Her tween was met with mixed reactions as she insisted that she did nothing wrong and that it was Oliver that was too slow to understand her question. She wrote:

“I didn’t say that I am more beautiful than miss Uganda and I didn’t try to out-compete with her however much I am also beautiful, she was just too slow to understand my question.”

Following the mixed reactions, Joan has since apologised for her actions.

“I Joan Lule on Monday went against my professional etiquette of a good host as a human. I was misperceived though I made it clear that I didn’t mean to offend her. Therefore, for going against professional ethics, I hereby apologize to my viewers and my guest because it was so unbecoming of me to lose emotional control, I lost my cool and yield at my guest which was not good so I am sorry.”

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