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Dressing Fashionably In A Traditional Headscarf

Over the years, a whole new demographic that appreciates Muslim fashion and how women style their traditional headscarves (hijabs) have emerged. Here, we explore how these fashionable women show off their personal style within their religious obligations.

Body type rules

Model Halima Aden. Photo Instagram

Personal style comes down to wearing what feels right and comfortable. The cardinal rule of hijabi fashion is modesty. Yet, it is important to note that modesty and fashion go hand in hand. For this reason, it’s all about improvising and knowing what works for your body type. Great style is less about trends and more about knowing what looks good on you.


Pattern play

Ganiyat Salami in a black Zara maxi blazer dress. Photo: Samurai Hijabi

Mixing prints is a fashionable style statement as long as the outfit embodies a perfect balance of simple prints in classic shapes. Incorporate prints alongside more neutral coloured clothing. For instance, you can pair a long A-line striped skirt with a silky shirt, a floral blazer and a neutral scarf for a modest fit.


Halima Mustapha in a leaf pattern pant set with beige scarf and straw hat. Photo: Instagram

It can be quite difficult to find the latest trends of clothing in more modest silhouettes. This is where layering saves the day. Wear spaghetti-strap dresses over long-sleeved blouses and paired with long pants or denim. Pair short dresses with long A-line skirts or palazzo pants for a more defined look. Ultimately, layering clothing can be cost-effective as solid-colour long-sleeve shirts can be paired with several outfits.

Headscarf selection

Jawahir Khalifa in a mustard Misguided Jumpsuit layered over a black sweater. Photo: Instagram

Be strategic in your headscarf selection for each outfit choice. There are many ways to be fashionable with a headscarf. Just make sure the style you’re going for complements the outfit and actions for the day.

Use the headscarf to balance out or bring together the colours or patterns in a particular outfit. Pay attention to the little things as you don’t want to be caught off-guard while going about your daily business.

Hafsah Muhammad in a print two piece set. Photo: Instagram

As always, confidence and attitude bring an outfit together. So ensure to dress and walk with the right attitude and stay ever confident in your daily style choices. We appreciate all our fashionable hijabis and are grateful for the spice you bring to today’s fashion world.

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