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Eight Contouring Mistakes You Might Be Making

Contour face guide. Photo Iconic London

Contouring and highlighting although optional are just as important to makeup as foundation is. However, contouring can be quite difficult to master as even some pro makeup artists find it difficult to get the hang of it sometimes. This is because sculpting your face angles is not as easy as merely blending out your foundation. The problem in the case might be that you keep making certain mistakes when trying to contour which you might be unaware of. Here are six (6) contouring mistakes we have identified that might be making the contouring process a tad bit difficult:


You Choose Shades That Are Too Dark
You can either choose to contour with a contouring palette or you can just settle on using a concealer stick. However, regardless of whatever product you choose, you should use a shade that is only one or two shades darker than your skin tone; otherwise, the results you get would in no way look natural. To achieve the best contour look, use shades that are only one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

In the contouring process, highlighting wrongly can also mess up the process. While highlighters might be a favourite product for many, it is still very easy to go overboard with highlighting. Highlighting helps with enhancing your facial features, you only need a little of that to achieve this.

You Mismatch Products
While you might favour some products over others, you should at the same time realise that mixing these products can also affect the end result of your contouring. For instance, mixing a powder highlighter and a cream contour highlighter can give you an unnatural cakey look. To correct this, match products with products; liquids with liquids, creams with creams and powders with powders. This would give you a much better result and make blending easier.

You Do Not Take For Face Shape Into Consideration
Another mistake many make with contouring is focusing on the wrong parts of their face. For heart-shaped faces, your focus should be the sides of your forehead, temples, cheekbones and the tip of our chin. For round face shapes, focus on the sides of your forehead along your temples, below the cheekbones and your jawline. For square face shapes, focus on the sides of your forehead, below your cheekbones and under the jawline. Oval faces should focus on the sides of the forehead, and the area below the cheekbones from the ears to the middle of the cheeks.

You Use The Wrong Tools For Application
Using your fingers or the wrong blender can also be one of the mistakes you make while contouring. Rather than using your fingers haphazardly, use a makeup blender. Apply a small amount of contour and highlight products onto your blender and draw a line on your cheekbones, jawline and nose, then blend it out with the side of the blender.

You Skip Out On Blending
Many people forget to blend or do not blend properly, this can be a problem with contouring. Blending is very important to contouring. It is important to diffuse your makeup products and makeup blenders are the best way to do this. Be thorough with your blending and do not forget to also blend out your jawline.

Focusing On Only One Spot
Sometimes you tend to overemphasize blending out one key is over others which could result in an uneven and unnatural. Sometimes your face might end up looking unbalanced; focusing on one part of the face might make your face end up looking flat.

Not Using A Setting Spray
Not setting your contoured face could result in the contouring smearing, smudging and rubbing out before the end of the day or night. Use a setting spray to set your makeup look. A few spritzes of setting spray and your makeup sits in place for as long as you want it to.

These tips are guaranteed to make your contouring game a lot more lit, after correcting these mistakes you would do a better job and with more practice even become a pro.

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