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Ever Wondered What Happens To All The Half Used Bars Of Soap Left In Hotel Rooms?

Contrary to what came to your mind after reading the title it’s not some dark secret or special act. Most end up in the hotel’s waste system. In the US alone, 2 million soap bars are tossed every day, where they end up as landfill.

However, there are organizations that collect used soap from hotels, melt it down and distribute fresh, hygienic soap bars to disadvantaged communities around the world.


More than a million soap bars around the world, supply hygienic soap to more than a quarter of a million people and saving more than 100 tonnes of soap from ending up in landfill.

Almost 1.5 million children under five die each year due to preventable childhood infectious diseases.

Diarrhoea alone kills close to a million, and something as simple as washing their hands with antibacterial soap can go a long way toward keeping them infection free.

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