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Explore Congo: A True Test Of Bravery

The Republic Of Congo has some of the most beautiful nature spots in Africa. These locations, however, are not for the faint hearted and demand resilience and strength.

Loufoulakari Falls

Loufoulakari Falls Photo credit_ Pinterest

The Loufoulakari falls is a major tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Republic of Congo. With waterfalls approximately 80 kilometres away from the capital city called Brazzaville, the Loufoulakari falls cascades as result of the confluence of the Congo River with the Loufoulakari River. Although the view from the Loufoulakari falls is remarkable, due to its location, it is not safe to visit this place without the presence of a tour guide—for safety reasons.

Lake Tele

Lake Tele Photo credit_Wondermondo

Popularly known as the lake “in the middle of nowhere”, this lake lives up to the name by being surrounded by swamp. It also takes a really long walk through a forest to get there so anyone who isn’t up to the task should probably visit somewhere else. In recent times, tourists usually skip the forest trip and take a helicopter instead to get an aerial view of the beautiful lake. However, if you’re feeling up to a jungle trip, make sure you go with a tour guide.

Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo Volcano Photo credit_Wikipedia

Standing magnificently in the city of Goma is the great Nyiragongo volcano. This 3000+ metre volcano which erupted last in 2011 has erupted 24 times in a little over 130 years. Located at the junction where the African tectonic plate is breaking, the surrounding environment of Goma is very unique with black solidified lava all around. The area has become an active tourist location over the years with an active lava lake within the crater that can be visited occasionally.

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