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Eyelashes Troubles? Why Not Perm It

Eyelash Troubles? Why Not Perm It

So many thoughts running through your mind right now, especially how perming your eyelashes is possible. Let us throw it back to how you steady struggle with applying mascara to your eyelash only to take it off at night.

You continue with this routine every day, tiring right? However, thanks to the rise of lash lifts and eyelash perms, falsie-level lashes are slowly becoming the norm. Courtney Buhler in an interview with Cosmopolitan gives an insight on Lash Perming.


Lash perming involves curling and lifting the base of your natural lashes using a chemical-based process.

The chemicals used and the results achieved can vary depending on the brand and the place you’re getting it done, so do your research and chat with the salon ahead of your appointment.

According to Dr. Haberman:

Using chemicals on the eyelashes themselves can cause the lashes to change in texture and even fall out. “If the solution is left on for too long, it can damage the lashes. So you want only want an eyelash perm from someone who is attentive, knowledgeable, and experienced.

After perming your eyelashes, for the first 24 hours, applying mascara to your permed lashes is not advisable. Buhler says not only do you need to avoid wearing makeup, including mascara, that first day but also avoid rubbing your lashes or sleeping with your face smashed into your pillow that night since your lashes are still vulnerable.

Also, note that you can’t get your lash perm wet for at least 24 hours, so you also need to stay away from things like saunas, swimming, excessive sweating, and beauty treatments or facials performed around the eye area.

Different from fixing your lash, you don’t have to do it every week. Typically, after six to eight weeks, you’ll have enough new growth to need another lash perm. If you decide you’re not into it anymore, you can just let them keep growing out, and they’ll eventually get back to their natural state.

If you love your lashes being on fleek and bomb without too much stress, try perming your eyelashes. However, do not do it on your own, use a professional.

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