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Fash-Lanso, Gomex, Iheanacho Share Their Wura Experience

By Eniola Daniel
18 February 2023   |   3:03 am
Nollywood actors, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Scarlet Gomez and Ego Iheanacho have shared their experiences on the set of Wura, describing the series as one of the best series out of Africa.

Nollywood actors, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Scarlet Gomez and Ego Iheanacho have shared their experiences on the set of Wura, describing the series as one of the best series out of Africa.

Set against the backdrop of the gold mining industry in the Iperindo community of Osun State, Wura, an adaptation of a South African telenovela, The River, is billed to be Showmax’s first and longest-running Nigerian telenovela, with over 200 episodes.

Wura tells the story of Wura-Amoo Adeleke, a perfect wife, a loving mother of two, and the ruthless Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the fictional frontline gold mine. The series also stars Ray Adeka as Jejeloye “Jeje” Amoo, Iremide Adeoye as Lolu Adeleke, Ego Iheanacho as Iyabo Kuti, Martha Ehinome as Tumininu “Tumi” Kuti, and Lanre Adediwura as Olumide Kuti. Yomi Fash Lanso plays Anthony Amoo-Adeleke, while Scarlett Gomez played Wura Amoo-Adeleke, the lead.

Speaking on his role on the project, Fash-Lanso, said: “First off, he is a family man. Despite being a police officer, a commissioner of police for that matter, he was a family man. He loves his wife to a fault; he loves his family so much. He is also a determined man and he carries out his duties diligently.”

On his experience working with Showmax and on the series, he said: “It was not just about Showmax, it was more of where the production was coming from. I know the man working on the project, and we are still allies. I could understand where he was coming from, his perception, his drive, and what he wants to achieve. At least, I have seen some of his works, if not all of his works. He shared the brief with me and I was pumped to be part of the project.

“Although, for me as a commercial actor, series takes time and a lot of commitment. But this is worth the time. Then again, I got informed that it is an international project that is going to be screened on Showmax, and I got even more excited,” he said.

Asked if he will be featuring in more series, he said: “If it grips me; this project grips me a lot. Also, if it is sure that it has a message to pass.”
On her part, Gomez said: “It takes a strong woman to be that focused. I’m not going to necessarily go the route of Wura and not have a conscience, but it’s amazing to see how someone can focus on something so much and make sure that she doesn’t stop until she gets it no matter what people say.

“Women are naturally emotional. Most of the time as actors, we try to find escape and act like words and events do not get to us but they do at some point in time, we are human.

“As for Wura, it’s more or less like no matter what goes down, no matter what happens, no matter the tragedy, the happiness, celebrations, she has her eyes on the prize. She is like a hunter that has eyes on the game. I wish I had that kind of feature. Unfortunately, I’m highly emotional.”

She continued: “Also, her love for family too. There’s no one, no circumstance, there’s nothing that can happen to Wura’s family that can tear the family apart. For Wura, family comes first. I think that’s something that we really want to evaluate as well.”

When asked if she’s worried about the impression people might draw from her character, she said: “I would be lying if I say I am not. The viewers would naturally develop a real-life attitude to the fictional character. Then again, it makes me happy because if you believe it enough then that means I have done a good job. I have no worries.”

On working with a personality like Fash-Lanso on the project, she said: “For the first few days after the reading, I was in awe. I had to call my mum to inform her that I was on set with Yomi Fash-Lanso. I like the fact that he is a people person; I haven’t met one person that isn’t happy with him while on set. I’m very comfortable around him; he is an asset.”

As for the challenges of her role, she said, “It’s extremely challenging; managing two kids, while I don’t even have one. I had to learn how to become a mother, criminal so, it was challenging.”

Sharing her experience on the project, Iheanacho, said: “The opportunity came, I saw something in the character and I connected with. I did my research and I found out I could do it. I had the support of everybody and it helps me to stand.”