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Our Top 5 Romantic Films For You And Your Partner This Valentine

The Notebook

The Notebook

The Notebook was written by Nicholas Sparks and is arguably the rated the second most romantic novel after Romeo and Juliet. The novel is intensely romantic that The Indian Bollywood film, Zindagi Tere Naam, is also based on the novel.

The novel which was adapted into a film in 2004, is inspired by Sparks wife’s grandparents. Noah and Allie are longtime lovers who were separated for 14 years by inevitable events. Noah has just returned from the World War II and decides to sell his house prompting Allie, his former lover to return. She is about to be married to Lon, a respectable man in the society. When she meets with him, she realises her anger towards him is unjustified because he had written to her every day of the first year he was away and her mother had hidden the letters. She confronts her mother who confirmed it.The film shows Noah, now old and suffering from heart disease, kidney failure, arthritis and cancer, reading their documented love story to his wife, Allie, an Alzheimer patient, hoping she remembers. Sometimes she does and it inspires him to continue. At other times, she is scared of the man who is reading out to her. Despite pleas to give up, he continues with the hope that she’d one day get better and come back to him.  He has a stroke and cannot continue reading to her but when he gets better, he tries to convince the nurse that he wants to get coffee. The nurse knows his “open secret” plan and says she is stepping out and won’t be back for a while. He takes it as his cue and goes into Allie’s room only to find her sleeping. When she wakes up, she tells him she loves him after she recognizes him. They kiss and fall asleep on the same bed with the belief that their love will transport them away together.


Titanic Movie. Photo Credit: TitanicSoundtrack

Rose and Jack are, arguably, the most famous film couple of all time. The film, Titanic, tries to capture the shipwreck of the Titanic. In the film, 17-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater and her fiance, Cal Hockley alongside her mother, Ruth board the greatest and luxurious ship, the Titanic. When her mother tells her, her marriage is to relieve the family of the financial debt they are in, she attempts suicide. It is during this attempt that she meets an artist, Jack Dawson who convinces her to live. She tries to get Hockley to reward him for saving her by inviting him to dinner in the first class the following night. Soon Dawson and Bukater develop an inseparable and passionate bond. Hockley is enraged when he discovers Jack has a nude sketch of his fiancee wearing her gift from Hockley, a Heart of the Ocean necklace. In the midst of all this and the ship’s collision with an iceberg, Dawson is accused of theft. As lifeboats are made available for Bukater, Hockley attempts to leave after telling Dawson that they have a lifeboat they can share together. When Bukater realises that Dawson has been left behind, she gets back on the ship. The ship eventually divides and Jack leads her to a wooden panel fit for one person while he dies.

The Vow

The Vow

The Vow is a film inspired by real events. It is the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter.  The 2012 film is the seventh highest-grossing romantic drama film at the Box Office.


A truck rams into Paige and Leo Collins car as they return from a film theatre. As they are rushed to an emergency room, the film plays back to how they first met. When she comes out of the theatre, she suffers memory loss particularly everything about him and her art. Her parents who have always been against him use her memory loss to their advantage hoping she’d get married and focus on Law. Collins is distressed but sticks around because of Paige. One day, she stumbles on the letter she wrote on  her wedding day and feels a rush of emotions. Although she never remembers any incident with him, she falls for him and wants to start all over again.

A Star Is Born

Just when a struggling artiste Ally is about to give up on her dreams, popular musician Jackson Maine discovers her. He falls in love with her at the same time she starts to gain recognition. Ans Jackson must fight his own demons. he personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jackson fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons.

A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember. Photo Credit: Amazon

Written by Nicolas Sparks, it is a based on his book of the same name. A “popular” teenager, Landon Carter is given the option of expulsion from school or tutoring students and getting involved in the school play for underage drinking. It is during this period that he notices Jamie Sullivan, the modest local minister’s daughter. She offers to help him learn his lines in the school play on the condition that he doesn’t fall in love with her. He tries to avoid getting seen with her but goes on to treat her well after an incident. This only makes her pull away but after his defence of her against his friends, she decides to give it a try. Her father is reluctant at first but later agrees to the relationship. This leads to sparks of romance. Later in the film, Landon finds out that she has leukemia. Out of desperation, he seeks help from his father who says nothing can be done but offers a private home to Jamie without Landon’s knowledge. They decide to get married before she dies. She believes he is the miracle she needs and their loves grow stronger. He ends up believing that her love can be felt like the wind.

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