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Victoria Nwogu speaks on girl child’s ordeal, role in “Ije Awele”

By Guardian Nigeria
09 November 2022   |   4:24 pm
The much-anticipated, thought-provoking and narrative-defining movie titled “Ije Awele' is about the pains, anguish and triumph of the girl child who sees actress Victoria Nwogu displaying her acting prowess. In the movie, she's a girl traumatized by her parents and to find the healing she sets on a self-discovery journey that is as thrilling as…

The much-anticipated, thought-provoking and narrative-defining movie titled “Ije Awele’ is about the pains, anguish and triumph of the girl child who sees actress Victoria Nwogu displaying her acting prowess. In the movie, she’s a girl traumatized by her parents and to find the healing she sets on a self-discovery journey that is as thrilling as it is stirring.

Speaking with our reporter, Nwogu shares her experience on the project, saying she was grateful to be part of the film.

“I thought when we blinked It would be all over. It was quite a ride on set. I’m truly grateful to be a part of IJE AWELE. I do not take for granted being able to share an intense screen moment crafting impactful stories with an Inspirational group of co-stars. Again, a big shoutout to everyone involved In making this masterpiece possible. Top-tier brilliance and that’s on period. Woooosh! We are all too cool for school,” she said.

On the script of the movie, the beautiful actress reveals it was love at first sight, saying she had to carry out her own research in spite of the power of the message and the awareness the movie is set to create.

She said, “As usual I carried out extensive research on the subject matter; sexual assault and adoption processes. Acting is dynamic; it requires a chameleon approach to deliver the best or exact interpretation of a storyline. Also, some of these stories we come across as actors are constant reminders of what truly matters in life. I particularly love that our story on sexual assault and adoption processes is universal and timeless. No matter your continent, you can watch and relate to our thought-provoking topics because they happen everywhere around the world. It’s literally a story to write home about.”

On why she accepted the script, she stated, “It’s thrilling, portraying different characters and being unrecognizable with each role. My aim is to re-enact the human spirit and then express it in a way that will look believable. It’s safe to say I’m exploring the human soul with my craft as an actor.”

Speaking further, she asserted that it is important to tell stories like “Ije Awele” as it reflects the unbelievable yet true things happening in society, adding that it is a message of hope and an eye-opener for any girl going through such ordeal or had suffered such tribulation and need healing.

“IJE AWELE is timely. The last few years on social media platforms have seen a rise in the number of girls being sexually abused and suffering other forms of abuse and molestation. All a young girl somewhere probably needs is to watch Ije Awele for reassurance that she is not alone. I owe It to myself to join my generation in contributing beautifully to my industry. Film Is a very powerful tool to entertain, inform and educate society. A one-minute clip can change the perspective of a watcher In faraway Australia. The media is essential to correct societal ills,” she said.

Victoria Nwogu, while explaining the full import of the film calls on government and individuals to join hands in protecting the girl child. She also says her NGO, Victoria Nwogu Outreach was created to help those in need of help
“I’m speaking from the angle of a young girl who had her secondary school education at an all-girls boarding school. The mind is like a muscle, the more you train it the stronger it becomes. Government and stakeholders should come up with programs and policies that will continue to solve the problems connected with the Girl Child. The Girl Child should be entitled to a life free of violence and discrimination, and deserve equal opportunity for access to education and health, to prepare them as tomorrow’s future leaders. As individuals, we all need to continue to lend our voices to these injustices and challenges hindering the Girl Child. It can never be over-emphasized.

“My NGO has embarked on several outreaches in Lagos and beyond. Our mantra is to keep lending a hand to create a better future and we will continue to advocate for the vulnerable ones because they have a lot of potential that must be carefully harnessed, most especially the Girl Child,” she stated.

The movie, Ije Awélé is a story of a girl who has been molested by her father since the age of 6. She finds out in her later years that her mother has known all along and has been giving her contraceptives, covering up for her father in order to save the family name.

This leaves the young girl scared and betrayed and she begins to search for answers which leads her to discover more secrets. On her journey to self-discovery, fate brought her in contact with Jide Kene who walks the distance with her while fighting his own demons.

Ije Awele is produced by Victoria Nwogu and directed by Emeka Ojukwu with Emeka Nwokocha as the executive producer.

The cast of the movie parades veterans and emerging stars of the movie industry. There are veterans such as Onyeka Owenu, Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey, Ejike Asiegbu, Ngozi Nwosu, and younger stars such as Victoria Nwogu and Jidekene Achufusi (Swanky JKA).