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First Aid Tips For An Electric Shock

Electrocution can happen to anyone no matter how careful they are. Most times, it occurs as an accident or an error in judgement. Irrespective of the situation, dealing with an electric shock usually depends on a number of factors from the amount of voltage to the health condition of the victim prior to the event.


Whatever the situation may be, here are some helpful tips to deal with it.

  • Turn off the electricity source: This is the first thing that must be dealt with. If it is impossible to turn it off immediately, move the person away from the source using a dry insulating material like plastic or wood.
  • Start administering CPR – or find someone who can—if the person doesn’t show any signs of movement or breathing.
  • Call for help at the nearest hospital.

Depending the intensity of the shock the victim might suffer some of the following conditions:

  • Severe burns
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Confusion
  • Seizures

After administering first aid, be careful to take note of these conditions and to inform a doctor as soon as one gets on the scene.

On a final note, in a bid to save someone else, do not put yourself in danger. Make sure you do not touch the victim when they are in contact with electricity source. Also, if the burn is from a high voltage wire do not go anywhere near the scene until the power lines are totally turned off.

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