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FitFam Wars: 9jaFoodie Sues FitMrsFats Over Food Plan Theft, FitMrsFats Replies “Awwww”

Lola Komolafe, founder of @fitmrsfats on Instagram has been sued for copying some food plan recipes by Ronke Edoho (@9jafoodie on Instagram).

Edoho is outraged because part of Komolafe’s replies to her, besides acting ignorantly, was “awww”, which she (Edoho) claims is an insult.

According to her, Lola sells her recipes for prices ranging from $200 to $400, a far cry from her $34 price.

Read the full story below:

LONG POST ALERT 😔 A few weeks ago, someone asked if I had authorized a particular “Weightloss Coach” to use my plans, I said no. She said “so why are LIN recipes all over the plan and for 20x more than you charge” and sent me the plan. Imagine my shock finding my recipes have been copied word for word, punctuation for punctuation . I work so hard. Like I know we all talk about working hard but I work SOOO HARD. I spend a lot of money developing plans, creating test groups, researching, educating myself etc. coupled with a full-time job and mummy duties . For someone to call themselves fitness coach at the back of someone else’s hard work is not just unfair, it’s THEFT . If you have stolen from me, you are profiting from my hard work, blood and sweat. Just know that my God doesn’t sleep. Also know that patience only goes so far, fix your plans. Write your own darn recipes! the next time something like this gets back to me, I am putting the brand on full blast. So people can easily tell those who steal and call themselves “weightloss guru”; Charging people bogus money for weightloss recipes that they didn’t create.

A post shared by 9jafoodie by Ronke Edoho (@9jafoodie) on

Despite Komolafe’s “apology”, Edoho has said that she is making the case a legal one.

I do appreciate everyone for their thoughts and comments. I know now why you guys didn’t want me to “just leave things to God” when I put up my post last week.

I completely understand that issues like this should not be swept under a rug. We as Nigerians need to be better at knowing our rights and holding each other accountable when It comes to issues like this.

This is not okay and will never be okay. Now over to the lawyers.
Thank you again. Now turning off comment so we can get back to good cooking and nutrition education.

Heaven knows I wasn’t even interested in fighting this but since @fitmrsfats has decided to be petty by asking me to “prove” I am the owner of Lose It Nigerian after admitting to copying it, here we are.

1. Several hours after my post last week, she sent me the above email stating her copying of my recipes was “an oversight” and she should have given me “credit”. Naturally, I felt very much insulted by this email.
After letting her know I had taken the advice to get a lawyer…
2. She sent the second email with “awwwww” & how the copying wasn’t “intentional”. On advice of legal, I didn’t respond.
3. She then sent a 3rd email explaining further (which all things considered would have sufficed) but she made things more complicated by lying about copying “only” 3 recipes.
Not only did she copy 5 recipes which make up 25% of her plan, she used them across all plans which she sold for anything from $200 – $400 .
The fact that her course of action to my lawyer’s letter is to seek proof of my ownership of LIN not only signifies that she isn’t remorseful, it shows a lack of consideration for other people’s hard work.

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