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Five Electronic Gadget Hacks You Need To Know

Like every valuable commodity, electronic gadgets have easily become a part of people’s life. Electronic gadgets can boost your self-esteem, make you cry for joy or weep.

These hacks are bound to change the way you see and handle your gadgets.

Cheap Flights

It would be amazing to know that the secret to obtaining cheap flight lies in your electronic gadget. The simple way to do this is to clear the cookies section and search history in your browser. Viola! You are one step away from flying.

Wet phones

You have probably heard that sun drying helps when a phone falls into water. Did you know that putting it into a bag of rice overnight is a more effective way getting the water out. Rice absorbs the moisture stuck on the phone. By morning, your phone will be as good as it was before the incident Watch your rice, it might get slightly wet.

A Phone Battery In Rice. Photo credit: Pinterest

Tip** If you are paranoid about the rice getting wet, put the rice in a Ziploc, the phone in the middle and seal it. That way, you don’t have to bother so much.

Prolonged Battery Phone Life

Charging your gadget up to 80% or 90% prolongs the battery life of the laptop. Ironically, 100 % reduces the battery lifespan faster. Most gadgets battery are designed to run on 500 charge cycles. Charging it to less than 100 reduces the cycle. For example, a full charge means one charge down. Charging it 50%, allowing it to drain before charging it to 100% means half charge down.

A Battery. Photo credit: Cyber Pursuit

As you continue to use your phone, the lifespan of your lithium battery starts to reduce. To prevent this from happening soon, regularly clean the metal surface of the phone to remove any residue.

Wireless Headphones

You can turn any wired headphone to wireless. All you need is a bluetooth adapter called Jack by Podo Labs. Plug your headphones into this adapter and connect to Bluetooth.

Wired Headphones. Photo credit: Bodeaz

USB Cords

Detangling cords can be such a headache. Thankfully we have tissue paper cardboard. Use the tissue paper cardboard as a case for your USB. Put it in it. It won’t be detangled the next time you want to use it.

USB Cords In Tissue Paper Cardboards. Photo credit: Pinterest

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