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Five Lessons Learnt From Wizkid And Jada’s Relationship Saga

The news about Nigeria’s biggest export, Wizkid’s, alleged domestic violence was all over the internet yesterday, July 17 and many could not help but wonder how people still fall in similar traps of domestic violence.

In the already deleted Instagram post, Jada, his third baby mama accused him of leaving her with “bruises hat I cover up from the world including my family and friends” and added that she is tired of “covering for him time and time again… I have done all I can do to keep this all together but from today I let go. You can support someone as much as you can but at some point, you have to value yourself. I can’t raise my son in this kind of environment.”

This post started a conversation around domestic violence, his alleged neglect of his children and his alleged disregard for the women in his lives.

In all of these, here are five lessons that we learnt from the Wizkid and Jada’s saga.


Love is not blind

As much many agree with you that no one is perfect, however, ensure your love sees clearly. Love should never be blind to situations that are threatening to your life or put others in danger. Love is never stupid, neither is love blind, love sees danger for what it is and flees.

Violence can never be covered for long

No matter how hard we try to cover up people’s wrong especially violence, it can only be for a short while. Violence is like smoke, some day, it will escape and when it does, everyone will have knowledge of what you have been trying to hide. Therefore, when you have any issue of violence in your relationships, whether platonic or not, speak out and walk away.

Money hardly buys respect

No matter how rich you are, once you have no respect for the people in your life, your name will always be dragged in the mud. Before saying yes to that man or women, how respectful are they? Riches can never buy respect, respect is earned and a conscious effort must be made at showing it to the people in our lives. Love without respect will fade the same way it started.

Love fades away

From Wizkid and Jada’s story, if love is not adequately nurtured, it is bound to fade out. Every party who claims to be in love must learn to put efforts if the efforts in a relationship is one-sided, the love will likely fade out.

If you are prone to violence, discuss with your partner so you both can jointly put in efforts to help each other grow. If discussions on each other’s weakness are not taken seriously, the love will fade out and it has always been said that there is a thin line between love and hate.

Walk away

Lastly, never hold on to hope in a violent relationship, learn to take a walk. Never wait till you get a flower on your last day on earth, rather, walk away from a toxic relationship so you can live to admire every other flower you will get on earth. When anyone threatens to hit you, that is a sign, walk away as fast as you can.

**This article has been updated.

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