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5 Surprising Things Dogs Can Do That Humans Can’t

Many of us grew up with the knowledge that dogs can see and hear certain things that humans cannot. If you ask a dog owner about his/her pet, you are most likely going to hear stories about how fantastic their pet is.

Although humans are the most developed of all creatures, there are plenty of things we can’t do as well as other animals. In this article, we have listed some areas where dogs leave us completely barking up the wrong tree.


Dogs can hear things humans can’t

Dogs can hear higher pitched noises than us and they can also hear at further distances than humans as they hear sounds starting at 64 hertz on up. Even something as subtle as rubbing your thumb and forefinger together creates a high-pitched ultrasonic noise likely to prick the ears of dogs.

According to Paw Culture, “this could be what makes dogs more likely to hear some footprint of a ghost or a parallel universe.”

Dogs can see ultraviolet light

Ever wondered why dogs are excellent hunters? Well thanks to their vision, they can spot every detail from details like the spots on bananas, to the hairs in a carpet which glows in the dark for canines, as do urine marks.

A dog’s sense of sight is so sharp that some people are of the opinion that dogs can see paranormal activity hence why they bark at some things humans can’t. Yes, those stories of dogs being able to see ghosts might just be true!


a lineup of dogs | Photo – Science News for Students

Detect diseases in humans

Thanks to a complex olfactory system, digs can pick up scents that humans cannot enabling them to detect diseases in humans, Your dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than yours, thanks to 300 million olfactory receptors in his nose.

There have been many successful studies that prove dogs have what it takes to identify cancer, and scientists hope to harness this evidence to create better and more accurate cancer-testing technologies. In a 2011 study, a Labrador retriever successfully sniffed out colorectal cancer in 98% of stool samples and 95% of breath samples.

Stand the heat

At 38°C, a dog’s body normal temperature is a full degree higher than that of a human. This is due to their warm blood and faster metabolism, but it means they have more heat to contend with on hot days.

Sense natural disasters

After Japan’s magnitude 9 earthquake in 2011, a study was launched investigating pet owner’s reports of unusual animal behaviour just before the quake. In the results, 236 of 1,259 dog owners and 115 of 703 cat owners observed strange behaviours in their pets. Owners reported increased neediness, barking, and howling in their dogs, and some dogs who were so restless they even escaped. In 60% of the reports, these odd dog behaviours occurred in the seconds and minutes leading up to the quake.


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