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5 Tips On How To Escape From A Terrible Date


Dates could be lots of fun when you are out with someone you vibe with, however, it could be boring and tiring if it is with someone you can hardly connect with. The kinds of dates where connection is lost can be draining. Therefore, it is important to have an exit plan, in case, things end up going south. Below are some ways to escape a boring date:

Politely explain

You can politely explain to your date partner you are not comfortable with the date and will like to leave if they are the type that understands, this will make things easier for both of you. Keep it simple: tell your date that you feel like it isn’t working out, settle your bill, and leave. Ensure you are not rude as this might severe all future relationships.


Come up with an excuse

If you don’t want to hurt your date’s feelings, you can make an excuse so you can leave. However, before the day ends, explain to them why you would rather not go out with them again, it is terrible to leave people holding on to what cannot work.

Have your friend call you

You can have a friend or relative call you and make it look like an emergency which will require you to leave the date. This arrangement should have been made with them before the date. This will help avoid any embarrassment from both parties. As stated above, ensure you inform them about the date and why you cannot further any relationship with them.

Quick exit

If you feel unsafe with your date, make a quick exit. You can go to the bathroom and leave from there, you can also call the police if things are terrible. You can also request a waiter to walk you out and ensure you are safely out before they turn back.

Always meet in a public space

For every date you have with someone you barely know, always ensure it is in a public space. This ensures your safety and you can easily leave when and if the date turns out badly.

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