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A Sweet Dining Experience at HSE Café

I strongly believe we can never have too many dining options in Lagos city. With the diversity in our population, a lot more niche chefs and restaurants are sprouting and it just fills my heart with joy. A new café – HSE Café – opened in Lekki this past week, and I went to check it out.

HSE Café

I loved the space immediately; a cute little shop tucked away in the corner of a plaza. I fancy hidden cafes and restaurants because you know a whole lot of people aren’t going to be storming into the space and making it crowded. It is usually a “those who know, know” situation which I am fine with. Inside the café is very quaint. When you first walk in, you’re greeted by the menu board behind the counter, a floating table on your left. The décor is very minimal, and the round tables are set up to seat three people at most. There is a small booth in the corner as well, for a more intimate meal, I assume.

DSC_0046 (1280x853) IMG_20160911_164125

The food – my goodness, the food. For the brunch, the chef prepared a special menu which varied from chicken wings to a Korean bowl, so I couldn’t exactly get a sense of what the niche is with the food. If I had to guess though, I would say, Asian. Everything I tried was pretty fantastic. The wings I had were very crispy on the outside, and thoroughly cooked on the inside without being really dry. In as much as it was sweet, I could still taste the spice kicking through. I loved the shrimp po’boy sandwich because the chef kept it simple but tasty. They have a chicken noodle soup that’s absolutely divine, and the iced tea we were served was blissful.


Another bonus was the presentation which was very lovely. The dining experience as a whole was great. I got the sense of comfort and serenity, and it felt like a place I would enjoy dining at by myself or with someone. HSE Café is a tucked-away little haven for great food and a calm, maybe romantic, day out.


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