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Four Shoe Hacks You Should Know

There are embarrassing moments we experience, we feel that everybody is staring. It’s embarrassing when your shoes are squishy because you have been beaten by the rain or bad odour from your shoes that people can smell a mile away.

Here are ways to make them all history:

Chic court shoes


This is the rainy season and umbrellas shield everything else except your feet and shoes. To make shoes waterproof, apply paraffin candle on it, dry with a hand dryer.

To break in new shoes

There is a new pair of shoes lying in the wardrobe that you haven’t worn because it doesn’t seem to fit as you desire.
All you have to do is wear a pair of socks, put on the shoes and dry with a hand dryer. Wear the shoes without the socks and the shoes will fit like a glove.

Bad odour

Shoes have a bad odour from sweat. All you have to do is apply hydrogen peroxide or teabags and the problem goes away.

Stained sneakers

Apply toothpaste to the base of your sneakers and wipe off and it becomes as good as new. For shoes that are a little bit oversized, cut out a piece from sanitary pads and stick on the inner back of the shoes and enjoy.

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