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Four Simple Tricks to Make House Chores Easier

For a lot of people, the thought of chores is disheartening but there are so many ways to make cleaning the home so much easier with the right tricks. Here are simple tricks to make chores easier.

Vinegar as a multi-purpose item

Vinegar…new research suggests vinegar could be an alternative to antibiotics and diabetes drugs<br />PHOTO CREDIT:

The vinegar in the kitchen is not just an acid for washing certain ingredients it can also be used for washing difficult stains like some glass cups that always seem cloudy and dirty. This household item can also be used for other difficult stains on the kitchen counter and tiles.

Bread as a picking tool

Freshly Baked Homemade White Bread. Photo credit: Pinterest

Lemons on grey wooden background Photo-credit_Greek Boston

Who knew bread can be useful outside the stomach. Mistakenly dropping glass and breaking them can happen to anyone and sweeping every shard especially the tiny ones can be difficult. The easy way out is to dampen a piece of bread and press it on the areas where the fragments are and pick those tiny pieces that you may have missed.

Shaving cream as a cleaning agent

To clean a mirror until it gleams, apply shaving cream to the mirror and clean with a paper towel. This trick can also be used for glasses and car windows.

Use Lemon to clean microwave

Microwaves can be quite difficult to clean because of the food residue and grease from all the meals put in there.
Simply cut a lemon in half and squeeze one half into half a cup of water and add the remaining half into the cup of water. Set it in the microwave until it boils, the steam will fill the microwave and help to clean the microwave easily while the odours that might remain will be dispersed by the scent of the lemon.

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