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Four Summer Swimwear Shopping Tips

After a long spring of working incessantly, summer will be here before you know it and it calls for lots of inactivity-filled weekends on sandy beaches. However, before you can unwind by the shore, you must go through the cringe struggle of swimsuit shopping, which is a draining experience for even the person who shops in all seasons (the shopaholic).

We are going to give you the best swimwear shopping practices. Scroll through for fashion advice and tips on swimwear shopping:


Embrace Separate Pairs

You do not just have to wear a pair together because a store tells you to if you are having, a hard time with the matching tops and bottoms thing because you can’t seem to find something that’s just right for your chest that’s not just sagging off your butt at the same time. Find something that fits and that you think looks great, even if it means having pieces in two different styles, sizes, or from two different stores.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Know Your Body

We are all for pushing your boundaries when it comes to what wearing whatever it is that you have always wanted to rock on the beach. After all, if you are not comfortable and feeling confident in what you are wearing, then you are never going to wear it.

Why buy a cute suit and then leave it in your closet the entire summer? What is considered “ideal” or “pretty” by the mainstream should not dictate how we feel about our bodies, but it can and it does.

photo credit: Andrea Iyamah

Try out Small Shops That Specialize in Swimwear not just “big box stores”

Some Specialty swimwear shops outside the mall, online independent shops, and thrift shops are good places that you may have overlooked might actually have really good stuff to suit your summer swimwear crave. This means that finding the perfect suit might involve searching in more than one place to find something that suits your unique bod.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Get Inspo from Social Media

Is it so hard to find the style you love that defines who you are? Why don’t you fill your feeds with your favorite Instagrammers, bloggers, and influencers and see how they are wearing their swimwear, then screenshot these looks and search the high street for similar looks. Also watching beach party movies will sure give you new ideas.

Bikini Tips: it is advisable to opt for a size smaller when grabbing swimwear because in the water swimsuits become looser. If you know you are going to be in the ocean all summer, it is better to get something that is tight on you.

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