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Four Tips For Traveling To Northern Nigeria

Northern Nigeria most times is not seen as a fantasy location to travel to. However, it has been discriminated for a while from issues concerning Boko Haram among others.

All these have made us forget its glory from the magnificent Kajuru Castle sited in Kaduna, to the ancient Kano City Wall in Kano, the popular Yankari Games reserve in Bauchi, the Gashaka Gumpti Park between Adamawa and Taraba and the Chappal Waddi Mountain in Taraba with the tallest mountain in Nigeria.

We suggest these few tips while travelling to Northern Nigeria

Avoid public display of affection

PDA. Photo credit: Pinterest

We understand that you are on a vacation, you might want to get all cosy with your partner, but men and women mingling is not supported or encouraged in this part of Nigeria. Therefore, you might need to keep displaying your affections for when you are in private.

Do not dress skimpily

Because the Muslim tradition is predominant in most northern states and it is their religious belief that women should wear clothes that cover their body, it would be best to adapt to this rule for the period you would be there.

Although, covering your hair may not be necessary.


Get a local that speaks Hausa fluently

There really is not any disadvantage of getting a little help, this helps you know places you probably could not discover yourself, helps buy food and other things cheaper and move around freely.

Also helps in making you feel more secure.

Be prepared for the hot climate

Dealing with the heat of the sun is one huddle you would need to jump over during your vacation. Go prepared with sunglasses, hat and a water bottle to avoid regrets.

Getting a sunscreen is also advisable.


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