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Four Tips On How To Declutter Your Handbag

Have you ever alighted from a cab or bus, spent 2-3 minutes, elbow deep in your handbag trying to find your purse? This can be totally embarrassing, especially when the driver’s eye is on you and you can feel his mind saying, ‘Women! They carry the whole world in their bag.’

So how do you become lightweight in this fast-paced world without anything dragging you behind?

A girl with a bag. Photo: coco nectar

Here are tips to help you:

Do not pack “unnecessary luggage”

There is a way we think and feel about how each possession is very important so we invent scenarios where we try to make ourselves believe this. As a result, we fill our bags with “unnecessary baggage” even though such cases have not shown up in ages and probably never will.

Make up your mind… already

Decide what you want to store in your bag.

Know your schedule for the day as that will help you decide if you need that entire case of make-up, three handkerchiefs and an entire pack of baby wipes. If you work five days in a week, you work, the regular you will need include: your phone, simple stationaries, a tampon, an already cut tissue, a lip balm, and your cards.


Buy a bigger bag

Sometimes, it is not what you put in it but where you put all of it. Think about it, the reason that clutch or favourite purse is bulgy is, you have been trying for too long to stretch it more than its limit and have refused to buy a bigger bag to meet your demands.

Think of all the benefits

Here, you have to look at the bigger picture. Forget the temporal loss of something dear to your heart and set your eyes on the long-term benefits such as less stress and embarrassment. An organised handbag assists in keeping track of your wallet, keys and cell phone always.

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