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Fun Car Hacks You Should Try

Sometimes, being a car owner can be both an advantage and a liability. Here are some tips that can help turn your car into a blessing most of the time.

Warm Your Food On Your Seat

If your car has seat warmers, turn them on, and place the food on top. It’s already a great way for keeping bums warm and will work just as well if you’re bringing home the hamburger or pizza.

Use Toothpaste To Clear Your Headlights

When car headlights look cloudy, put a little bit of toothpaste on a clean rag and start scrubbing the headlights. It contains mild abrasives that remove thin dirt layers from the headlight housing and fill in scratches.


Use Stockings On Windshield Wiper Blades

Like all things, windshield wiper blades get worn out eventually and may even fall off if they don’t get the proper treatment. If your wiper blades develop any fault or get removed leaving the metal arm, you can fix this temporary with a pair of long stockings. Wrap them tightly around the arm to prevent the metal from scraping the glass.

Cover Cracks With Nail Polish

Small stones and other stray items on the road can leave chips and cracks on car windows. If these cracks are not properly taken care of, they can expand create bigger problems for you. To fix this, carefully apply a thin layer clear nail polish to the damaged area. When it dries, it is almost completely invisible to the naked eye and could help prevent the crack from growing.

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