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Glamorous Portrayal Of Faaji Culture On The Real Housewives of Lagos

By Guardian Nigeria
18 June 2022   |   3:34 am
The centre of Nigeria’s excellence, Lagos didn’t just earn its status as the city that never sleeps for no reason. From dawn to dusk, its people are hurrying somewhere or cruising around in their Aston Martin...

The centre of Nigeria’s excellence, Lagos didn’t just earn its status as the city that never sleeps for no reason. From dawn to dusk, its people are hurrying somewhere or cruising around in their Aston Martin, Porsche, G-Wagon, or Maserati among other luxury cars; while others are hopping on a Danfo, the yellow bus that has become part of the city’s iconic symbols for more than three decades.

Everybody dreams of the Lagos life of unlimited partying and ‘faaji’ which literally means fun. Whether you’re a night owl or you like to run your show during the day, there’s a place for you in Lagos and your options are endless.

Although generally regarded as ‘no man’s land’, Lagos, is a Southwestern state predominantly occupied by Yoruba people who are renowned for their hospitality. Lagos is filled with industrious people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and different parts of the world who engage in various entrepreneurial and corporate activities.

However, as Lagosians hustle hard to make ends meet, they party harder. Featuring loud music, glamorous outfits, and tasty Jollof, a party in Eko is an unending affair. Any occurrence is an excuse to celebrate. From the launch of a product to college graduation and the death and remembrance of a loved one who may have died more than three decades ago, Lagosians never miss any opportunity to throw a party as long as ‘faaji’ is promised. Lagosians love Faaji and will make merry at any time. Whether COVID-19 is shuttering the world or there are rumours of a hurricane somewhere, nothing can stop a Lagos faaji.

If you want to have a broad view of what the Lagos faaji culture is about, The Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOLagos), the reality TV series that premiered on April 8, 2022, on Showmax, is the place to look.

More than ever before, we’ve seen the Lagos Faaji culture explicitly displayed on RHOLagos which is a spin-off from The Real Housewives franchise.

RHOLagos follows the alluring lives of six opulent Nigerian women, Carolyna Hutchings, Chioma Ikokwu, Laura Ikeji-Kanu, Toyin Lawani-Adebayo, Iyabo Ojo, and Mariam Timmer, who are living their lives through a frenzy of glamorous parties as they conquer the chaotic city of Lagos.

From the first episode of the show, we saw how the allure, display of class, and flamboyant parties by the ladies already sent out a caveat that ‘This is Lagos’ and ‘this is what we are known for’.

Serial entrepreneur and fashion goddess Toyin Lawani-Adebayo, popularly called Tiannah, was the first housewife to throw an exquisite event inviting other Housewives to the launch of her baby’s product line. The Housewives turned up in stunning designer outfits, dining, and raising toasts with champagnes worth thousands of naira.

TikTok sensation and Nollywood A-list star Iyabo Ojo, following suit, treated the Housewives to a mini getaway at Ilashe beach, one of the luxurious beach resorts in Nigeria. The ladies, adorned in over-the-top hats and sparkling shades, showed off their dance steps as they cruised on a yacht while in transit to the private resort reserved for the affluent and famous in Lagos.

Sometimes in the work and play city of Lagos, there is no need to have a reason to host a celebration. Residents can decide to gather friends to jolly just like Carolyna Hutchings, a real estate and oil and gas investor, did in RHOLagos.

The business mogul hosted other Housewives to a lavish Bohemian-themed gathering with an Alice in Wonderland vibe. Like many parties in Lagos, there is no assurance that there won’t be a drama or two, but Carolyna already knew that, as she had a meditation expert on standby.

Lagosians take Faaji with them everywhere they go and this was how The RHOLagos ladies took their groove to the land of power and wealth, Abuja. Abuja may be the nation’s capital city with all the infrastructure and higher level of development, but its faaji culture pales when Chioma Ikokwu, lawyer, co-founder, and CEO of the luxury hair brand Good Hair Ltd flew The Housewives on a private jet to Abuja to have fun for three days. Deluxe rooms, secret-spill games, wine, and food were the highlights of the gathering.

However, with Tiannah’s cultural-themed party, the typical Lagos grand cultural celebration was on full display. The star-studded party featured local dishes, Oriki (poetic praises) of guests accompanied by traditional drums, exquisite African attire styles, a surprise performance by 9ice, and more.

In the words of Mariam Timmer in the fourth episode of the show, “If you do not enjoy Lagos, it just means you have not found your niche.”

This is because the city, ever-bubbling, is filled with different exciting locations to explore and an unending frenzy of festivities.

With its reach spreading beyond Africa into Europe through the Showmax streaming app, The Real Housewives of Lagos is gradually cementing its place as a cultural export as it reflects and promotes the many appealing themes of the Lagos faaji life.