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Helpful Phone Hacks You Should Try

We all have mobile phones and most times we don’t know how much we can accomplish with a small mobile device. Here are some quick phone hacks to help you maximize the use of your phone.

  1. Place your phone is a transparent plastic bag to prevent damages, especially during wet seasons. You will still be able to use the phone while its in the bag as the bag helps to guards against liquid, mud or dirt.
  2. Use your name and an emergency contact number as your background image in case your phone gets missing. To do this, simply write down your contact information in your notepad, take a screenshot and change the image to your lock screen. Hopefully your phone falls into the hands of a decent person.
  3. When you’re heading to a crowded area and you’re afraid of being robbed, simply hide your cash, atm cards and ID cards between your phone and phone case. Since you always carry your phone around, the odds are that you’ll always have it in your sight.
  4. If you fall into the category of people who park their cars in crowded places and have some difficulty finding it after, this hack is for you. Simply take a picture of a landmark close to where you parked, when you get back, the car should be easier to find using the landmark.
  5. If you’re going on a trip to an unknown destination and you’re running low on battery, instead of turning on your GPS for the entire trip, take screenshots instead. Take screenshots of the route and major landmarks then turn off your location services. Save your phone battery for emergencies only.
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