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What Exactly Does Cheating Mean?

As to what cheating means these days? We are as confused or certain as you are.

Looking at another when you are out with your partner or not eating their food is enough, for some, to label you disrespectful and a cheat. With the rate at which people are getting arrested for catching their “cheating” partner these days, we don’t even know what cheating means anymore. What this has done is succeed in increasing our confusion.

Cheating Woman. Photo credit: Pinterest

Like the court, your partner is not guilty until proven otherwise. Yet, we are told to trust our instincts and according to science, our instincts are like our sixth sense.

This brings us to the questions:

What if your partner is tired and hasn’t broken up with you because your partner recognises you have emotions?

What if it’s our insecurity that is making us imagine things and everything happening is just coincidence?

What if your partner has a surprise package up their sleeves and telling you would mean the “surprise” is cancelled?

What if your partner is a covert narcissist?

What if your partner is really cheating?

What if there too many what ifs?

But then again, our instincts are right more times than not.

Regardless of how many what-ifs people hold, these are some of the general cheat signs exhibited by men and women:


Nobody likes to be in a relationship with a liar. It makes you question everything.  A liar has an explanation for everything: the strange scent, the late nights, inexplicable extended periods of ‘disappearances’. Sometimes, they tell you someone is interested in them so you direct all your attention to that person and if they ‘ever’ get caught, it is the devil’s handiwork.

Some argue that lying occasionally to protect their relationship is healthy. If this justifies this school of thought, when does lying become necessary?



A cheating partner is often protective of their phones because they are the secret troves of their escapades. The ones whose phones do not have passwords hitherto suddenly have ‘firewall’ to screen out others from gaining access.

Sometimes, old passwords are changed to new, often more cumbersome or hard-to-crack ones.

When a partner changes his password or goes out to receive a call from a particular number or talks in hush tones with a particular person or send nudes, this will create room for suspicion.

Attitude Change
At the initial stage of the relationship, the spark flies and the passion is electric until one day, your partner wakes up and doesn’t peck you on the forehead or the flowers just stop coming or refuses to cook.

In times like this, everything you do gets a tongue lash or indifference leaving you in the loophole. Perhaps, they just got “tired” of pretending.

Withdrawal Symptoms
Sensitive people are worse hit by this. The calls reduce or stop completely, the mono dialogues, the constant “I’d call you back” or blatant ignoring. This often leaves a partner wondering if they did anything wrong.

Making Out With Another

– Who is not your partner- Although some see it as a means of testing other waters or just for fun, the heartbreak and the negative reaction that comes with it is better imagined. Yet, for those in an open relationship, making out is not a deal breaker.

For some people, cheating doesn’t mean of the above.

If it doesn’t, share with us, signs that make you know your partner is cheating.

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