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How To Clear Space On Your Phone Without Losing Important Content

Everyone who owns a smartphone has faced this challenge at least once, that awkward moment when you want to take a picture with a celebrity or record an important event in real-time, only for the phone to read “Low Storage”. For those who have experienced this, here are some quick ways to create space on a mobile device.

  • Remove Text Threads That Are Media Heavy

This is a quick way to create storage instantly. For most people, there will always be those chat threads that contain very heavy media content. Whether they are videos, songs, recordings, pictures or anything else, sort through the files you need to keep and delete the text thread.

  • Save Files To Cloud

People tend to keep things saved on their mobile devices without considering how important they are per time. Taking a closer look at your mobile device, you might notice that some things do not necessarily need to be on your phone at a certain time. Those files belong in cloud storage.

  • Manage Group Chats

Group chats are literal space eaters and need to be managed carefully. If you can afford to clear your group chats, clear them ever so often. If you can’t, make sure you disable auto-download and take other measures to make sure they don’t clog your phone.

  • Clear Browsing Data

A very important and necessary step especially if you’re very active on the web. You’ll be surprised by just how much space you can create when you clear your browsing history.

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