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How To Deal With Burns

We all encounter burns from time to time in our daily activities. More often than not, minor burns usually heal on their own and only require some home remedies to alleviate the pain. However, if the burn results in a more serious injury, here are some first aid tips to use pending the time you can visit a doctor.


Stop The Burning

To prevent a more severe injury it is important to stop the burning. If the burn is from flames or heat, smother the flames by covering with a blanket or pouring water. If your clothes are on fire, make sure you do not run. Instead, stop, drop and roll on the ground to put out the flames. If the burn is from cold temperatures, you should try keep the area warm. This can be done by dipping in warm water or placing the area under a lot of clothing.

If the burn is from hot plastic or tar, run cold water over the area immediately to cool the tar or plastic. Electric burns or chemical burns demand extra attention. For the former, the person need to be disconnected for the electric source immediately while in the latter, the person should be rushed to the doctor immediately to determine the chemical that caused the burn.

Check For Other Injuries

Depending on the nature of the accident, the burn might not be the only injury on the victim’s body. Carefully take off any clothing or jewellery on the area of the burn. If any clothing is stuck to the burn, do not remove it until a doctor comes to properly access the injury.

Prepare For The Doctor

Before the doctor arrives, cover the area with a clean and dry fabric to prevent infection. Also, resist the urge to apply and ointment or treatment to it before you get proper help. These remedies might prevent the doctor from properly accessing the nature of the injury.

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