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How To Define 2019: New Year Resolutions

The high point of a new year is that life gives you an opportunity to start all over again on a clean slate- Tabula rasa.

However, reality sets in and it end up playing out the same old cycle every new year. If you truly want to have a “new” year then you need to define each year.  

What do you want in 2019? 


To get the best of any year you have to be deliberate about everything. From relationships, career, learning new things, unlearning bad habits and many other aspects of life needs to be managed with a purpose in mind.

Forgiveness is also a vital ingredient to living a guilt-free life as faltering to follow up your new year resolution is a probability. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail midway or struggle with the plans for 2019.

Contrary to popular belief, it is okay not to be “okay”. Allow yourself to grieve about your setbacks and mistakes. Give yourself a chance to not be “fine” as it will help you to heal and learn from the experience.

Don’t give up on yourself? Regardless, of any set back you experience in a year ensure you do not wallow in your misery for long but get back up and give your best. You definitely do not want to think back about your life and regret not pushing on after a setback.

Take time off in 2019 and enjoy yourself. You only get to live one life, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest! Alone time resting helps to refresh you and open your creativity as you are not worrying over various responsibilities. 

2019 will be great. Are you ready?

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