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How To Exude Confidence With Your Body Language

Whether you are a Barack Obama, a job seeker or a little girl who is addressing a crowd for the first time, your body language shows the type of persona you have without having to say it out loud. Your body language is particularly important if you want to send positive signals. Luckily, body language can be learned and unlearned.
The following will teach you how to improve your body language:

Practice standing in front of the mirror: This will show you what you look like and how your expressions are when talking to people. If you notice you can’t make eye contact, then imagine how you appear to people. Practicing everyday in front of the mirror will help you to build yourself psychologically and also show you the body (especially facial) language that you might have been unaware of. You are allowed to envision how you want to look when talking before practicing with the mirror.

Barack Obama. Photo credit: Time Magazine

Maintain eye contact: But do not stare. This shows that you are trustworthy and open. By the way, remember how someone stared at you and you freaked out?

Practice sitting or standing properly: Did you know that folding your arms when talking to someone makes you look defensive and insecure? Same goes for crossing your legs when talking and holding a drink to your shoulders. Instead, sit with your legs slightly apart with your feet facing the direction of the person you are talking to and place your hands on your one of your thighs or better still, practice a power position. It’d send confidence impulses to the brain.

Prince William And Princess Kate. Photo credit: AFP/GETTY

Relax your shoulders: Move back slightly, breathe…,now relax. People actually want to hear you speak not act like you are afraid of them. Think of it this way: They think you have something important to tell them but you are too tensed. You really need to relax.

Stop sitting at the edge of your seat: It doesn’t look good on you. It totally eliminates whatever form of self-confidence you think you have in the eyes of the people you are addressing. I mean, who wants to talk to someone who appears too desperate?

Black Lady Sitting. Photo credit: Pinterest

Smile: People like to feel like you are listening to what they are saying. So nod, smile, ask engaging questions. These subtle ways will help you build trust. Besides, smiling “genuinely” makes you appear friendly and interested.

Fidgeting needs no introduction. Touching your face, tapping your hands on the table or your feet on the floor makes you appear insecure and less confident. Instead sit straight up, relax and try to stay positive.

Mirror your counterpart: People are subconsciously attracted to someone who is confident. Be selective in who you want to mirror because you might just find yourself copying the other person’s gesticulations and his charisma might rub off on you.

A couple. Photo credit: Pinterest

Fake it till you make it isn’t such a bad saying after all so keep your head up and walk like you own the world.
You are responsible for your confidence.

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