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How To Read Even When You Can’t

Sometimes the pressures of life rob us of the opportunity to do some of the things we love. Book lovers are not an exemption and even with availability of technology, most people still find it difficult to take out time to enjoy a good book. If you fall into this category, these tips are for you.

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Audiobooks exist so you don’t have to pick up the book to read. Instead, the book is read out to you and you can use this time to go about other important activities. For those who haven’t tried it, it might take some getting used to. However, it’s a small price to pay for those juicy stories.

Read In Bits

There was a probably a time when you could finish a book in two to three days. Sadly, you do not have the time to do that anymore and you can’t beat yourself up for that. Instead of trying to take it all at once, read the book in bits until you finally get to the end. For example, reading a chapter a day could help you finish an average sized book in one month.

Take Advantage Of Breaks

If you keep waiting until you can set some time aside for reading, you may never find it. Rather than go through all that, take advantage of some of your free time. The ride to work, the times you use the bathroom or times when you just find yourself doing nothing. These little pockets in your day can do a lot for your reading habit.

Avoid Distractions

Despite your busy schedule, when you finally get the chance to read, make sure you read. You will achieve a lot more from 10 minutes of dedicated reading than an hour of reading with multiple distractions. Make sure that you do all you can to utilize whatever free time you get to its fullest.


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