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It Is A Man’s World

Women are funny creatures, they can be mean and inconsiderate. They do not know that it is not easy to be a man. Anyway what do you expect from people who do not pour water on their head every day?

This is the type of conversation that people may hear where there is a gathering of men. Decrying how their wives are making their lives miserable.

They complain that she is making ridiculous financial demands that the husbands cannot afford. She is insisting that her decisions be taken and carried out instead. But dear husbands remember she carried a full human being in her stomach for nine straight months.

Try carrying the extra weight she has gained and walked around with for just two weeks. And when she delivers the baby, guess who takes the credit? …the man. His friends gather round clapping him on the back and congratulating him. It is confusing considering he was not the one in labour for 13 hours.

Men complain that she is not fun anymore because she wants to get home in time to see that the kids are well fed and are not being abused or neglected. He complains because she is not spending time with him in the ‘other room’ like before.

Meanwhile, if she does not ensure that the mild temperature that their child is running does not escalate to something more, she is tagged a bad mother.

Yet it is a taboo for her to complain if he is not giving her attention or providing her emotional and material needs. She is considered a bad woman for questioning her husband even if it is for the good of the home.

A man thinks her demands, her questions, complaints and duty of care to the kids are to disrespect and make him miserable. Believe it or not, it is out of love.

It may be a man’s world, but women live in it too.

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