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Jealous Friend Tells Family His Friend Has Died Of Coronavirus Via Facebook

A mum says she was left in tears when a former friend told her family and friends she had caught coronavirus and died.

Sharon McIlvaney claims her ex-bestie took revenge as she wouldn’t let him join a Facebook group chat for mums according to report by The Mirror.


She says she was sad when a fake Facebook profile masquerading as her declared she had tested positive for covid-19 and anyone who had attended her BBQ needed to get themselves tested.

However, things took an even darker turn when someone she had considered a good friend for more than a decade posted: “RIP Sharon McIlvaney, you will be sadly missed. Taken too soon from this dreadful disease.”

When Sharon’s daughter Ebony Smith confronted the person spreading news of her demise, the family say they were horrified to be told it was all because he was annoyed they had refused to let the man into a Facebook group chat.

Heartbroken Sharon branded her ex-pal ‘poison’ for his vile plot and reported him to South Yorkshire Police, before setting about informing terrified friends and family that she was alive and did not have the virus.

In her words:

I was left in tears about it all. I cried down the phone to him. I wanted to know why he would go to those lengths. He’s poison. I might have been too soft on him up until now. He was asking me how I was during the lockdown and I said I was keeping up fine because of a group chat I had with other mums. He then asked if he could join it and I said no. He isn’t a mum so it has nothing to do with him. He felt left out but I’m a mum just trying to deal with everyday life and make sure my kids are ok. My world doesn’t revolve around one so-called ‘friend’.

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