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Johnny Depp Wanted Amber Heard To Stop Doing Nude Scenes In Films

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp | Sky News

Hollywood superstar, Johnny Depp wanted Amber Heard to “stop doing nudity” in films and cut down on intimate scenes, the court heard on Wednesday.

Joshua Drew alleged he had heard the Depp, 57, had a ‘particular issue’ with fellow actor James Franco and his name would ’cause fights’ between the couple.

Drew, the former husband of Heard’s friend Raquel ‘Rocky’ Pennington, gave evidence in Depp’s libel action against the Sun over a 2018 article which labelled him a “wife beater”.


In a written witness statement, Drew said he first met Heard, 34, in June 2014, and Depp shortly after. He and ‘Rocky’ Pennington were engaged in the summer of 2015 and they moved into the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles later that year. The High Court has heard that Depp owned a suite of penthouses in the building.

Drew claimed he knew from his interactions [with ‘Rocky’] that Depp was jealous.

James Franco attends a special screening of the final season of ‘The Deuce’ at Metrograph on Sept. 5, 2019 in New York City. Taylor Hill/WireImage

He said: “Rocky told me, based on her conversations with Amber, that Johnny had a particular issue with James Franco because he and Amber had some intimate scenes in a project they were filming, which Johnny did not want her doing.

“His name came up often and it would cause fights between them. They were arguing about it very regularly.”

Mr Drew also said he had overheard the couple fighting, saying: “For example, during a trip to France I heard Johnny shouting at Amber about a role she had done.

“Johnny was shouting about a nudity rider in the film that she claimed was fraudulent and he accused her of knowing about and going against his wishes to include it.

“I knew from what had been discussed with Rocky and Amber that Johnny had demanded that Amber stop doing nudity in her films and that she cut down on intimate scenes with co-stars.

“Rocky told me about various fights they had had over the years and said that Johnny was jealous of Amber’s co-stars.”

In his statement, Drew gave his account of an alleged incident at the Eastern Columbia Building, on May 21 2016, in which Ms Heard claims Mr Depp threw a mobile phone at her, which he denies.

Drew claims that after the alleged episode, he and ‘Rocky’ Pennington ushered Ms Heard into their apartment and “deadbolted the door to keep him out and keep her safe until Johnny had left the building”.

He said Pennington told him Depp had “shoved her” and he “got angry” and went and “banged on the door” of another apartment before going back to his own.

He claimed that around five minutes later, Depp’s then security guard, Jerry Judge, called him and asked him if he knew where Depp’s mobile phone was.

Drew claimed he told Mr Judge he had it and they could come and get it but said “words to the effect of they could not set foot in the building”.

Drew alleged: “I met Jerry downstairs and gave him the phone. He took a few steps to walk away and then turned and asked me ‘Is she okay?'”

“I said something like, ‘Are you f***ing kidding me? He beat the shit out of her again and you guys stood by and watched it’.

“He started to demur and then said something along the lines of it’s not his business, they are husband and wife, he barely touched her. I said something to him like, ‘get the f*** out of here, be real proud of yourself; get the f*** out’.”

Drew also said he greeted police officers who arrived around 15 minutes later and showed them around the apartments.

Amber Heard was accused of “making up” claims Johnny Depp was violent after being shown a video of the couple partying happily with friends including Marilyn Manson on the night the actress claims her ex-husband threw her across the room and ‘busted’ her lip.

Heard alleged that Depp also ripped her shirt and left her with a ‘lump’ on the back of her head on Thanksgiving in November 2015.

Two videos were played in court from the holiday weekend where people can be heard talking excitedly and laughing with Heard and Depp, who filmed the group enjoying themselves.

When asked by Eleanor Laws, Depp’s QC, to explain the footage, which showed no violence taking place, Heard replied: “Our fights never happened in front of the family. They typically happened after everyone had gone to bed.”

Ms Laws alleged that Heard was lying about the entire incident and said: “You are making up this up as you go along”.

Not all the faces of those in the darkened video are visible, but Heard can be seen picking up a drink and revealed that she could tell that Marilyn Manson was present after recognising his fingernails. She also told the court that others present were her friend Rocky Pennington, Depp and his son Jack, Heard’s father David and Erin Boerum, Heard’s nurse and friend.

Amber has claimed that her Johnny Depp would blame his ‘alter ego’ called ‘the monster’ for the alleged violence while intoxicated with copious amounts of drink and drugs.

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