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Keep It Cool While Flying

By Akachi Ikechukwu-Nnamani 15 August 2021   |   12:30 pm

Keep It Cool While Flying

We are told to look our best every day because we never know who we will meet as soon as we leave the house.

Whether it is to work, social gathering, the cinemas, dates, airports, or anywhere really, standing out makes a lasting impression.

I mean, we never know who is looking. Who knows? That person might be your crush or even your potential business partner.

While we put consideration into how we want to be perceived, this should also extend to looking great at the airport. Looking for the perfect outfit can be tasking, especially if you are flying for the first time; you do not want to look overdressed or underdressed.

Here are some useful fashion”trys”:
• Sweater: If you are flying for the first time especially to other countries, you should have climate change in mind and be on the safe side, wear a sweater or just have it handy so that when the cold comes calling, you will be ready.

• Wear comfortable shoes: Sneakers are the most comfortable footwear for flying. But you don’t have to play it random when wearing sneakers, rock it. If you do not have sneakers, opt for comfortable shoes, having in mind that the feet tend to swell during long flights.

• Jacket: It is advisable that you wear a long, stylish jacket to conceal your casual wear underneath. I always advise people to go for a trench coat.

• Trousers: I’d say you dress for the occasion if it is a short and quick rip. However, if the opposite is the case, rather than go for the regular joggers, switch it up ladies, with palazzo pants or and for a man, jeans will do.

• Scarf: A scarf adds a statement to your outfit. With the right size, design, and texture, it will add depth to your ensemble.

• Carry a big purse: This is not limited to women. Asides from the fact that is stylish, you can put your favourite book, AirPods, or any little but significant item.

Always remember, no matter how long the flight is, you do not want to look haggard.

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