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Keeping Body and Mind Revved Up During Lockdown


Family moment

Family moment | Photo Pinterest

The world and media are being rocked by COVID-19 making everything seem like it plummets but no!!! There is always a silver lining in every dark cloud.

Channelling in the optimistic spirit of social distancing, searching for the plus side to all of this has become apparent, as scientists suggest that the lockdown might be counterproductive and that is as regards the mental health.


The lockdown has then sufficed to be the much-needed rest that some could not get for years, not knowing how to drop work aside. Hence, the lockdown is an excellent getaway and you do not want to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. The mental state of individuals is thus gaining attention and how to deal with the mind is an important aspect to be scrutinised.

As an adult, a façade or disguise is displayed but beneath that entire smokescreen is that little boy or girl, that I mean in a good way. The idea of skipping school for flimsy reasons is always a thrill. Also, there also comes a time in one’s adult life where they gleefully look forward to public holidays on weekdays therefore, a valid excuse to skip work.

We have hopefully compiled some tips or regime to get around the lockdown in a fun and inspired way with your loved ones under one roof.

Rediscover Self

The lockdown is a chance to discover yourself again, given that work, family and external factors have made you incapable of living. And yes, it’s film time!!! Grab hold of the moment and reignite the days when you were once a film maniac; a time you have so missed. Give in with reckless abandon, watching all the film you have put on hold waiting for the right time that did not just show up.

Explore Your Bucketlist

Given that it is isolation and we definitely do not want to flout the law, thus limited movement to squeeze in plans like learning how to drive or swim. So, some other practical things to do within the confines and period of isolation should be sought, something apt for isolation. Such things to be considered are cooking; exploring your boundaries in the kitchen, as for those who need to sharpen their culinary prowess would sure make everyone in the home smiling and munching with bursts of joy. An occasional breakfast in bed would not be a bad idea too.

Get Creative

It is family time, all about the family, so now is the time to play with your kids. Shower them with love and not the half-baked love that work has served them for years. Appreciate each other and all that is offered as the period is an endearing one.

Have you considered this to be the time of being a visionary? This is applicable as ideas and plans tossed aside with webs taking place can be revived.

Feeling sick of being indoors? Try building a routine, teach the kids; have in mind that not all learning has to be academic. Accordingly, you engage them with something creative that spurs their urge to learn such as painting. The UN has estimated 1.25 billion children and young people are at home from the coronavirus lockdown so keeping them busy asides turning the house into that imaginary playground in their heads will likewise be good. Read books, watch comedy shows or probably join varying challenges out there like the TikTok challenge and others, get on the silly gang train. Call in the goofy you and make the world smile just like Donjazzy carrying out his #savage challenge on TikTok.


Mother and daughters cooking | Photo Facebook

Opportunity comes but once. Therefore in the bid to flatten the curve, we are all encouraged to stay home so we can get passed the universal isolation phase. Do not be perturbed about the times as Yogi Raman says, “Worry drains the mind of much of its power and, sooner or later, it injures the soul” and that we do not want, right? Therefore anticipating these tips on staying healthy in mind and body will help keep mental balance as we wait out for brighter days.

As we wake up not knowing what day it is, please do remember to keep the mind stress free and the body moving to your favourite jam.

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