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Knowing When To Let Go

Break up are almost always painful but sometimes very necessary. Sometimes, love just isn’t enough and you have to learn to come to terms with that. Here are some situations where you have to let go no matter how difficult it is.


When You’re Heading In Different Directions

Often times, it’s best to have these things laid down from the beginning but sometimes things change along the way. For whatever reasons, if you find out that you’re not going in the same directions and your paths are definitely going to diverge, you need to let the relation go.


When There Is Too Much Baggage

Everyone comes with their own baggage but you should always set a limit to them. When your partner’s baggage especially from past relationships is stopping your relationship from progressing, it’s a sign that the relationship might be heading down a cliff.


When The Attraction Isn’t There Anymore

No matter how much you love your partner, if there is no physical attraction, he or she might as well be a sibling. Before calling it quits, you should communicate your problems with you partner are you can work on bringing the spark back into the relationship. However, if all attempts fail, it probably wasn’t meant to be.

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