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Lagos For Dummies: Starter Pack For The New Lagosian

Welcome to Lagos- Shine Your Eyes

The thing you learn when you first bump into Lagos is that you cannot live in it with the same gear you use to cope and live within other states. You realise, much sooner than later, that in Lasgidi (), there are certain essentials you must have, various instructions you must follow to live, at least, an easy life.

This pack of essentials includes:

Own a pair of athletic legs

You need this. You might not know why at first but when you jump on and run after a moving vehicle once or twice, you realise that a good pair of athletic legs is the only support and worthy friend you can have in those trying times.

A bus conductor

Hold a large amount of “vex money”

The Lagos transport system is filled with much unpredictability because the bus you see for ₦150 today, you might see no more. So to save yourself a thousand and one Yoruba curses, hold more than you bargained for (vex money)

Nigerian currency. Photo: Premium Times

Have a compass for your body

With Lagos been declared the most populous city, there is really little to wonder about this. In Lagos, you avoid three things, at the same time; buses, bikes and bodies; you learn that this is what makes up the traffic, that holds up, this go slow. So the earlier you know how to manoeuvre, cross the road with moving vehicles at your sides and a puddle in front of you, the better for you.

View of Lagos. Photo: Ventures Africa

Wear a shock absorber

Get ready to see and hear things in Lagos. From the conductor who claims that he is richer than most bank managers to the fact that most bikes operate as tricycle known as Keke =, Lagos sweeps you off your feet and in those moments, you close your mouth, shrug it off and go on with your business because nothing is too big for Lagos to do.

Shocked man. Photo: The sheet

Own a power bank!

We all know that power in Nigeria is almost never stable but Lagos is on a different peak. Before making this journey to “the city of lights”, ask friends or families so that you can know the power condition of where you are staying and then act accordingly.

Powerbank. Photo credit: The gadget planet Nigeria

Nevertheless, Lagos has its perks and you should learn to enjoy them in between the crazy and madness. Enjoy the hot puffs, that are either ₦10 or ₦50 for breakfast, enjoy the Diet Coke that is ₦100 and still be healthy, enjoy the roadside shops where you can get a denim jacket for less and do a mini shopping. But mostly, enjoy the people who know that despite everything, your problem is their problem and are willing enough to give you transport fare, without you asking when you seem to have missed your stop.

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