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Bring Back Our Nigeria

It is safe to say that the country is going through a tough time and recent events have shown us that it is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. I remember the National Cake drama that we performed every other year in Primary school; we were taught by teachers who as I think about it must have felt moved to preach the message of one Nigeria. United we stand, divided we fall. Are we deaf to the cries of our country? Almost every sector of the economy is crying in anguish and it starts with the little things.The rot started in the epicenter of the country and is now spreading to every corner of the country. We cannot look at our country the way our forefathers did as they fought for it.

‘One Nigeria’ is an ideology every Nigerian has to adapt if we ever want to be regarded as true citizens of a country;If we ever want to become a developed country with constant power supply, stable economy and effective checks and balances in every sector of the economy and the government. We as individuals are instrumental to the change that we need to see in community. It is essential that we play our part in the country’s growth and cause a ripple effect in society.

It is high time that we stand up for a country that has given us more than we can ask for in natural and human resources. If our leaders are not fighting the battle at hand then we fight for it ourselves. We as Nigerians need to speak about what ails us as a country and how to get rid of the disease – the disease of corruption, the disease if greed, the disease of tribalism, and the disease of differences. It is true that our colonial masters merged a country out of over 250 ethnic groups but as the saying goes ‘Everything happens for a reason’. After 57 years, the time is long overdue to overcome whatever differences we may have and work towards a common goal. It is time to unite, no matter the cost, and practice what we learnt a long time ago.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Bring back our Nigeria.



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Bring Back Our Nigeria
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