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Essential Tech Hack Update To Know!

Technology has eased our lives drastically. Basically all we do require the help of technology, yet it doesn’t cost much to keep advancing in what we can do with the tech tools around us. These tech-hacks below can further simplify things for you, increase your efficiency and save you some good time!

Confused by a Math Problem?

Get the PhotoMath app and scan the math problem with your phone, click on solve, after it is solved, click on get answer and the app solves it for you! You should try that one

Essential Tech Life Hacks!

DIY Comfy Work Stations

Everybody loves comfort, whether at home, in the office, at the park or train station, we all love to be comfortable doing what we love to do. Fortunately, people have come up with ideas of laptop stands in order to ensure an easy use and a correct posture, at the same time. I also think that this is a sure way to stay out of the direct contact with your PC’s electromagnetic radiation for those days you work at home or other areas away from the office where you may have a stationed desk. Better to try this out if you are good with your hands or have your learned carpenter calve something like this and save you some health issues in the long run.

Essential Tech Life Hacks!Essential Tech Life Hacks!

DIY iPhone Stand

Turns out you are working somewhere and need a smartphone stand for better reception whether internet or sound, you can use a cassette case. It will save you a lot of hassle. Other items you can use include a wallet or that old hairclip.

Essential Tech Life Hacks!enhanced-buzz2

Essential Tech Life Hacks!

Strengthen Wi-Fi Signals with this

Using nothing more than an aluminium foil, an old soda can, a utility knife, scissors, and some adhesives, you can build a remarkably easy and effective Wi-Fi extender that only takes a few very simple steps to complete. Check out the image below!

Essential Tech Life Hacks!

IPad Wall Hooks

Use wall hooks to attach iPad to the wall as shown below.

Essential Tech Life Hacks!

Low on Ink? Try this

I do this a lot, and it works plus, it saves you some cool cash. If your ink is low you can change the font colour to #010101 which is 99% gray. Grayscale contains shades of grey and is used for reproducing images as many as possible. You can also save your ink by adjusting the type of font you use. You should try it!

Essential Tech Life Hacks!

IPad Speaker Amplifier

Amplify iPad speaker with tennis ball. Cut some pieces out as shown below and you can enjoy your sound better than before!

Essential Tech Life Hacks!

Hidden Device Charge Station

Sometimes untangling your cords can be simply demanding especially when you want to clean the room. I have this trick and it is simply useful. Make a wooden drawer and use screw to open smalls holes–small enough to have the tip of your cords penetrate through, then plug in your power cords for phones, gaming systems, tablets, cameras or any other digital device.

Essential Tech Hacks!Essential Tech Hacks!

Otherwise, you can simply make a wooden drawer and place an extension in there with all the cords systematically separated with cellotapes. This will not only ensure things are coordinated around there, it also saves you the stress to untangle wires when, dusting, sweeping or mopping the room. Essential Tech Hacks


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