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His View From The Top

If you have to get to work everyday using public transport and you happen to work on the Island, then you know about the struggle of crossing to the other side of the road, seeing as most people ignore the pedestrian bridge.

Using the pedestrian just got better on Lekki-Epe expressway.

Lately, I see no reason to get stuck between lanes because some kind Nigerians would not slow down on the highway, and I have a legit reason.


I remember the first time I saw him sweep, I remember thinking if it was actually his job, till I saw his bowl for money.

This article is about Yusuf Ibrahim and what he does with his view from the top. He is a crippled beggar, and he doesn’t really have a clear view from the top like I do. His view is the ground and what he does with his view is amazing.


Everyday he makes sure his view is worth looking at, he sweeps from the bottom to the top, both ways and he doesn’t look at you to help, he just goes about his business, inspecting his view and making sure he loves it.

Today I finally walked up to him, he has been on my mind for a week, straight!

Yusuf Ibrahim is from Zaria, with a wife and two kids, he says stroke put him in this condition that has crippled his abilities to provide for his family.

I asked why he sweeps the bridge and writes quotes.



He said that he doesn’t want to sit and beg, he prefers to sweep and if anybody cares, they would help. He also says he has to provide for his family.

That is rare, I see beggars on a daily basis and based on experience, they are always verbal about what they want and trying to gather sympathy to their situation, but he is making a difference in his little way.

He is making the most of his view, what do you do with your view?

Be it at the top or below?

P.S: He has been warned by the LCC to stop writing on the bridge, I think he should be compensated for keeping that bridge clean and inspiring people everyday to rise above their current situation.

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  • dr o!

    this is an amazing piece. I wish such people can be empowered by the government. can imagine what that bridge would be like without his dedication to keep it clean.