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By Winners Of the 2018 Award On Technovation Pitch, Silicon Valley, USA 27 May 2019   |   12:18 pm

Team Save A Soul who beat 19,000 participants from 119 countries to emerge winners write in The Guardian Life
on what inspires them.



Inspirations are drawn from different sources. I believe that there can be no meaningful achievement without enough inspiration to push it. The constant deaths recorded daily because of the high consumption of fake drugs bring constant tears to my eyes. My friend’s brother died after taking an adulterated drug. This motivated a search for a solution to this problem. So, when we were introduced to Technovation, I then knew that God has finally answered my prayer for an opportunity to save lives. I joined the Technovation group and continued in spite of all the challenges because I know that providing solutions to daily problems using technology will impact greatly and save numerous lives. So, my team Team save a soul tackled this problem by producing a demo application FD Detector (Fake Drug Detector). I was inspired by a call to save humanity and I am happy we provided a solution to the pressing issue of fake drugs by the grace of God.

Achieving a feat is easy compared to the ability to sustain that feat. We have provided a solution to a problem using technological innovations, yes. But, we are not going to rest on our oars. We have plans of developing our application so that it will be available for everyone. With God on our side, our aim of saving humanity through this appli
cation will be accomplished.


It came to our notice that this problem has become rampant and disastrous in our world today, whereby people buy drugs without knowledge of its expiration date and other side effects. And it inspired me the most to help solve these problems so that lives worth of a nation will never be lost, rather it will be gained.

It is high time young girls discover what will drive or lead them to a greater height. Please discover yourself, do not let them lie low, lift them high so that the world will see what you are made of, do not entertain the perception that girls education ends in the kitchen. By God’s grace, we hope that through our determination and courage as well as the guidance of our mentors and the school management (Regina Pacis), our app will come to reality and eradicate the problem of fake drugs.


We chose this problem because fake drugs, as revealed by statistics, is a life-threatening problem. Bringing it down to our country Nigeria, in Onitsha, drugs are manufactured illegally, brought to market and purchased by people which when taken worsen the patient’s condition Apart from manufacturing fake drugs, some people buy some drugs just to keep themselves ‘high’ just like the Tramadol but inversely causes them problems. So we invented this app to
assist people by checking the drugs they buy using a mobile application in order to keep them safe. After the creation of the app before sending it to the playstore, it will be sent to the WHO (World Health Organization) for formal approval of the app. Owing to the utmost awe and reverence we have for human life and its preservation, we embraced the opportunity to tackle and curb the menace of fake drugs in Nigeria.


That lots of lives have been lost because of the recklessness, carelessness and lack of the optimum solution to this problem has really given me restless nights. I know too well that more lives will be lost if the action is not taken. This problem, ‘fake drugs’, and the innocent lives it claims within a twinkle of an eye and its effect on the society at large drove inspired me to curtail and eliminate this disastrous problem before it worsens. I know the importance of the
lives and health of individuals who hold the key to developing and changing the world, so I decided, why not save them? Are they not worth living? I have begun and will not stop until we achieve this goal. Actually, we are already working to make FD DETECTOR a reality for the use of the masses.

We have mapped out strategies which include learning various codes and programming languages for creating the app and are now following it judiciously. We also plan on partnering with pharmaceutical companies, NAFDAC and SON. We will also motivate and inspire the young ones into being problem solvers in order to make our world a better place.


I hold determination, courage to fight any upcoming odd, persistence and consistency to heart. I believe that young girls like us can move the world to a greater height if we find out what inspires us and let it drive us. To achieve perfection, one needs to put in greater effort. So we are putting more effort to make FD DETECTOR a reality in order
to make the world a better place. Lives are deteriorating and declining day by day just because of some wicked manufactures who do not want to save and preserve lives but to make money. They also lack the requisite of fake
drugs and their effect. Our watchword still remains saving more lives.

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