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New Year Resolutions

As the year draws nearer to an end, we begin to revaluate the life choices, hoping that the New Year will be a chance to redeem ourselves. The year often starts off as a blank canvas, giving us fresh space to either get serious with life or at least make an effort towards the right direction.

Most people have a process to the annual ordeal. Some might make lists of the “dos” and the “don’ts” as result of the years struggles; others aim for financial success and take on meaningful self-building activities. While life can be quite unpredictable, the ultimate goal revolves around the idea of living a peaceful healthy life of unfiltered happiness, by planning or rearranging your life so as to improve each year.

At some point, we have all made lists and promises, which often end up in the trash or at the back of our minds somewhere. As we approach a well-deserved end to 2016, we have gathered 4 useful tips on how to achieve them.


Make a plan- clearly define your goals

A life hack, which most people live by and others ignore, is the idea of planning. Nothing beats having a plan.  It is literally the first thing you’re taught in school especially when it comes to business and ideas. If you have a goal, you must put it down on paper in order to plan the essential steps towards success. According to a research conducted by Professor Richard Wiseman of Hertfordshire University, most people fail because they tend not to have a plan.  However, the plan should essentially be a breakdown of specific goals, which is further broken into smaller parts where you have a main goal and sub goals.

Start early- Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to plan

The main point of New Year’s resolution is to improve on your life; it is serious business and needs to be treated as such. Therefore it is imperative to take out time for reflection by observing and pinpointing the and wrong routes to take.

Track your progress- reward yourself after meeting sub goals

In line with planning, there needs to be a constant reminder of the phrase, “Forward Ever, Backwards Never”. Somewhere along the line you must be able to show some level of improvement, which should serve as some motivation and actual proof that you can pull through on the resolution.

Old habits die hard- Expect setbacks and plan for them

Life improvement does not come easy, it is normal to relapse every now and then but it is also important to get back on track one way or another. Telling friends and family about your goals could help as they often encourage you to avoid failure. Most importantly, be mentally prepared for your journey, as failures should be treated as temporary setbacks rather than an opportunity to give up completely.

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